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FOREX MEGA COLLECTION tens of thousands of $$$ Content: Experts: 2,500+, Indicators: 2,500+, Trading System’s: 500+, Binary Option Strategies: 100+ INSTANT DOWNLOAD!  Huge 2.37GB file! This package has absolutely everything to trade the Forex Market and Binary Options! For manual and automatic operation, for beginners and professionals.If you are a MQL programmer, you will love alot…

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tens of thousands of $$$

Content: Experts: 2,500+, Indicators: 2,500+, Trading System’s: 500+, Binary Option Strategies: 100+

INSTANT DOWNLOAD!  Huge 2.37GB file!

This package has absolutely everything to trade the Forex Market and Binary Options!

For manual and automatic operation, for beginners and professionals.
If you are a MQL programmer, you will love alot of free code:)
If you are a beginner, there are books and videos.

If you are a hands on manual trader on the chart, there are many good trading systems.
If you are trading automatic robot, a lot of expert advisers, also other scripts, indicators, templates and much more, you will not be dis-satisfied!


  • 2000+ Robots
  • 2000+ Indicators
  • 500+ Trading systems
  • 100+ Binary Options Strategies

Below is a list of the contents you will receive in the Mega Pack:

Forex trading strategies software
“3Ducks” – Trading System, 5 Minute Trades binary options strategy, Diamond ea, EA Forex Polygon, forex-strategy-master, FX MATRIX PRO, KeltnerPro, LR FOREX FREEDOM 4.4, Massive-Fx-Profit-indicator, TL Breakout EA 2.5, trend imperator v2.

Binary options and forex trading strategies:

Launcher TRX Final without alert, TMA, Forex Black Magic, Forex Pros Secret System, Forex Flame Sniper, De Mark lines, Auto-Trend-Lines, Adri-Gold-System, Palada_3.4, BuySell-Magic, Goldmine_II_Scalping, Triple Profit Winner, FX_Engine_v3, afl_winner, The Murrey Math Trading System, Wolf Wave_nen-2, The MAX Trading System, Buy-sell-signals-ultimate-arrows, Dolly-Graphics 14, Forex_Racer_Renko_System, FX-50 Great Scalping System, Extreme TMA System, Sniper_Forex_v2, trend-imperator-v2, FX-PREIS-V4-and-5, Bullseye+System, True Trendline Indicator, Super-ADX.
Binary Options (strategy, books, robots):
BibaryFX 3.0, CallPutOptios, 60-seconds-Reader, indicator ZIGZAGER, Super signals channel, MA2 Signal v2, ForexProfitBinary, ForexMT4SBB, Ichimoku Cloud Breakout, Forex mt4 arrow, A-New-Way-To-Trade, Binary_Options_Strategy, how-to-Trade-binary-options-successfully, planetoption-en, freebook, BinaryReview_eBook, Binary_Options_Ebook, binary options strategy pdf book, top-binary-options-strategy, Binary-Options-Winning-Formula, The_Truth_About_60_Second_Binary_Options, AF-Binary-60S-v2 (no video), Exact Entries Indicator Guide.
Forex Robots:
AccountStatArgo, beejay, DT-RSI-Sig, e-SOTrailing_magic, Extrem-Bar-v1.1, Fiddler EA 1.1, Forex_Tramp_3.2.0, Forex-Benz-AUDNZ, FX Trading MOO, FXLightning, MKT-NEWS-TRADER, NightOwlEA, Pro-Gainer, progressor_1-9-1_12, Pyramide mod, RenkoBarChart_v102, RFractals_SuppAndRes_ModA_V2A, Robot-Goblin-Barabashka, ShowBe-v3.5, robot_AngelA, expert_StarWa, STATINFORMER2, Steady-Winner-v6.0, stop-trade-v1.3, THG Straddle NEWS, TrendRSI_v3, vectorTrader, Smart FX Master Scalper v7.1.8, Auto trading robot EAKAIN_SCALPER_PRO 2013, Hedging Scalper M5-H4, dvd-100-50-cent, FXBrokerBuster, Hard_Scalper, Master Scalper, Money_Stream, Robot_GBPUSDM15, Forex Executive, Cloverix EA, Euro-Blaster 7.3, Hydrogenium, Powerful-Scalping, Ultramarines, FastJump.
Robots for MT5:
20_200_pips_MQL5_v1, 120_Sovatnik-Ilan_2, Bobnaley_st5ia, bolbands, Champ2010_hmni9, ControlPanel_st5ia, gurooex01, martgreg_1, multikMT5, pipser_st5ia.
Forex trading strategies Indicators:
Binary Reaper, Bollinger-MA-Price, buysellarrow, candle_body_size, candle-countdown, Clurex, cronex-demarker, HMA+Indicator, Indikator_Blue, indikator_IDM, Indikator_Xaser, Ku+Klux, Ma_Parabolic_Alert_2, MACD-Elder-Impulse-Max, Ozymandias, RSI_BANDS_MA, StochHistogram, TradingEvents, Volatility_FBA_NR.
Forex Trading Systems:
3-Powerful-FOREX-Price-Patterns, Bamboni_all, forex-daily-chart-trading-system, Forex-HBA-System, forexmt4systemstrdll, Forex-Profit-Matrix, ForexTrendConsole_v1.3, FX trading Engines Predicting Price Action, gann-hilo-activator-v2, high-gain-system, ITMF_SigAlert, multi_range_calculator, Pro Trader Manual Trading, ProfitableStrategy1, rainbow, sporeMTS, super-trend-profit, three, TrendMaster_Forex_Indicator_V1.1, USDEURTick, virtual-trade-monitor-v2.1.
Binary Options (Strategy and Robots):
60sBinary_Option_System, Binary-Auto-Profits, Binary-Options-Buddy, FxBinaryOptionScalper, GSO-binary-options-trading, Xtreme Binary Robot, TS AGTS, AGTSWinner_v5_0_(update), AgtsWinner v5_3(Free), ATS Boom, BO Dominator, Plus+1 v1, Boss Indicator, Auto_Binar_v2_Full, Exp – Optilan, 60secondsBinaryOptionsStrategy, 60sec.bollinger bands, Binary Forex, nonlagdot, 60second_binary_option.tpl, MatrixSignals v1.
Good update forex trading strategies:
Forex Tick chart MT4 Indicator, Forex RSI alert indicator sound, Forex Trading System “ForexSignal30”, Binary Option Strategies, Indicators (BinaryCash_Comodo, Binary Options Buddy 2.0, SixtySecondTrades with Alert!), Forex Trading System “Forex Octopus System”, Forex Trading System “Ultra Scalper”, PROFX MANUAL TRADING STRATEGY, SUPER FAST INDICATOR, Super Forex Launcher, Travel Trading Profit Formula, ULTRA FAST PROFIT, Forex System “GBPJPY M1 scalp”, Forex Strategy “Gold999”, Forex Trading Strategy “HeartOfForex+ProbabilityMeter”, Forex Trading System “The Lindencourt FX System”, Forex Trading System “The Lindencourt Daily FX System”, Forex Trading Strategie “Institutional Forex System”,Collection Forex indicators (Arrow + Without repainting. 90% Not false indicators + 3000 TSD elite indicators), Forex MT4 copier _v1.1 (Master/SlaveHTTP), Forex MT4 copier _v1.1 (Master/SlaveLocal).

Forex Robots:

Canabis_Eclipse_1.0.rar Canabis_Eclipse_50_v1.22, VAMPIRЕ_1.08_EURUSD_Time.mq4 ^X_ParabolicRegression_StopAndReverse.mq4 _ADX_CCI__5_digits_v3.3_HandFirst.mq4 10 pips multi plus ver 4.1eeee.mq4 10 pips multi plus ver 4.3.mq4 10 pips ver 2MA delay – eevviill2.mq4 2Sides_v4.10d2(andcam).mq4 2Sides_v4.13 Manual.doc 2Sides_v4.13c1.1_NOind.mq4 2Sides_v4.13c111.mq4 2Sides_v5.0-1 MACD.mq4 2Sides_v5.0a.mq4 2Sides_v5.0b6_NoInd.rar 2Sides_v5.0c4_nik_2.mq4 2Sides_v5.0c5_2ndFStoch.mq4 4Indis_Plus.mq4 7Chi EA User Manual.pdf 7ChiC EA .mq4 Aal.rar aal_V3_real.ex4 ADX_CCI v3.1_mod_FastProfit.mq4 ADX_CCI_2.52_mult.mq4 Aladdin 8 FX.rar Aladdin2FX~.mq4 Aladdin7FX.rar antiCableRun.mq4 antiCableRunV2.mq4 antiCableRunV2_Trall.mq4 apophis.ex4 ARBITR2.rar ATS_Ichimoku_2.rar AutoMarti.ex4 AutoMarti_2Arah_totalprofit1arah.ex4 Auto-MT4build220.mq4 Auto-Profit3.0.mq4 Auto-Profit3.0-alexshelln-MOD.mq4 Auto-Profit3.0-Digi_Edition.mq4 AutoProfitStabil.mq4 AvSpeed+set+test.rar Barto_V225 кул.mq4 BBQ_EA_v1.0.3.mq4 bless_FiFtHeLeM.rar Blessing 3 v3.7.rar Blessing 3 v3.7-5.mq4 Blessing 3 v3.8.1.mq4 Blessing 3 v3.9.6.mq4 Blessing System.pdf blessing_3_v3.8.2.ex4 Blessing_3_v3.9.5.mq4 BMMAX Power Boss EA-Traxxon.rar BreakdownLevelCandleMA.mq4 BreakdownLevelCandleMA 09.04.13.ex4 BS-MagicEA.rar Buldozer_01_2+Insta.mq4 Buldozer_NBX.mq4 BURN_v1.2.ex4 BURN_v1.2a.mq4 BURN_v1.4.mq4 BURN_v1.7.mq4 BURN_v1.7m.mq4 BURN_v1.9.mq4 BURN_v20.mq4 BURN_vО.mq4 BURN_vО-DropCir06.mq4 BURN_сеты.rar BUY_SANDYRrr_0.1_VER_2.ex4 bynny + mo 27.04.13.rar CABLE.rar Cable Run Limit Stop.rar Cable Run Trend v0.9.mq4 Cable Run v3.0.mq4 Cable Run v3.0 mod 2.mq4 Cable Run v3.0 Time & EAName & MM.mq4 Cable Run v3.0.3.mq4 Cable Run v3.0.3 – BAYSTOP & SELLSTOP & Time & MM.mq4 Cable Run v3.0.3buysto sell stop.mq4 Cable Run v3.0~.mq4 Cable Run v3.0mod1.mq4 Cable Run_anti.mq4 Cable_run_v4.rar CableRunV3.0_News.mq4 Canabis_Eclipse.mq4 CashBlast.pdf CashBlast v1.6 edu_noDLL.mq4 CatcherCandles_PW_V1.0.rar Chameleon_2008.rar Chameleon2008 FULL.ex4 CloveriX-v5.0.rar cm_EA News.ex4 CM24H_tekno3_FFCal&ReverseTrades.rar Combi_Dinamic V1.1.mq4 ComfortScalping_Expert_last.mq4 ConstantInvest.ex4 Contr_a_m_V1.mq4 Copyr_cracked.rar Crazy Scalper v1.11MM.mq4 Crazy Scalper v1.11MM_no_DLL.ex4 crisis.rar cross Dashboard Correlator Bot – final edition .ex4 Dashboard Correlator_bot 1.2_revers.ex4 DayScalp 1.0 (Lot_koef).mq4 DayScalp 1.0 free.mq4 DC – 15 (simple) (80 all SL&TP).mq4 DC – 6 pairs(ticks).ex4 DC – final edition.ex4 DC – final edition(all pairs).ex4 DC – fixed 14.mq4 Dealers Trade Limit Orders 12.11 MACD & MACD2 Universal~.mq4 Derivative_Oscillator_2.mq4 D-Fx trend_ setka v 3.01.mq4 D-Fx trend_ setka v Double_Ilan1_5_Ilan1_6_fixed.mq4 EA with force magic Ver2.mq4 EA with force magic Ver2_eur_M15.mq4 EA_mstSignal_v2mm_.mq4 EA_NET 1.02.mq4 EA1.rar eASCTrend.sys.rar EATA pollan vers 2 E-bot_Bars_v1.4(+StepExponent).ex4 e-Droba v2 + MM.mq4 e-Droba-5.mq4 e-Droba-5+mm.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag – 56.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V2.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V2.01.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V2.01(с рабочим ММ) + Revers+slip+MAXspred (v02) .mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V2+profit.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V5.mq4 e-Droba-ZigZag_V5 TO.mq4 e-drogba.rar Eldorado+1.0.rar elvis_final.mq4 elvis_final wto SL.mq4 EMA_WMA_RSI.rar EMA_WMA_trend.mq4 EMA_WMA_v2.rar EUREKA 10.1 LOCK nodll.mq4 EURO_BLASTER.rar EURO_BLASTER_NEW.rar EURO-BLASTER V1.ex4 EuroBlaster-Turbo.mq4 EuroX2 edit lot.mq4 EuroX2 edit micro lot+ без мартина.mq4 EuroX2_8_17_9.mq4 Exp – Destiny Classic Trade.rar Exp – FridayCloseMondayOpen.ex4 Exp – SafetyLOCK PRO v5 (12062011)~.mq4 Exp – SuperPAck v4.rar Exp – xoindatr_123(Advanced Cube).rar Exp_Arbitr_OpenLim_01.rar exp_iCustom_v10.mq4 exp_Lego_1.mq4 Expert+10.ex4 ExpertMA.mq4 experts – 2.3.rar FerruFx_Multi_info+_2_v1.2.mq4 FFCal.mq4 Fibo Grid.rar Fibonacci Grid EA.mq4 Fibonacci Grid EA_1.mq4 FixProfit.ex4 Forex Arb Files.rar Forex Arbitrates Plus.rar Forex ATOM.rar Forex Hacked Pro.ex4 Forex Ripper Robots.rar Forex Forex Thor II (Trial).mq4 Forex_MD2.rar Forex+Hacked.rar ForexCleaner_1.02.mq4 ForexEnvy.part1.rar ForexEnvy.part2.rar ForexEnvy.part3.rar Forex-Giga_V2_license_Remix~.mq4 ForexGridTraderEA.mq4 ForexHackedPro114.rar ForexInvestBot_edu.rar ForexOverDrive5-ver2013.rar Fracktal_Grid_Ver_9_2.mq4 Fractal_Levels.mq4 Free_Momods_Night_Scalper.rar FuturoFX.mq4 FX Pro Bot -TinoEUM5.mq4 FX_Genius_Robot.rar FX_nostradamus_S_FULL.mq4 fx_nostradamus_s_full.rar FXProTradeR40_v2.mq4 FX-Shock Classic v4.20~edu.ex4 FX-Shock v3.1 Edu.ex4 FX-Shock v4.13~edu.mq4 GENESIS MATRIX.rar GEPARD 7.mq4 GEPARD 7_MOD.mq4 GEPARD_7_EDU-plus.mq4 GEPARD8.ex4 golden_profit_auto.rar GoldenProfit_AUTO.rar GoldenProfit_ММ .mq4 GoldenProfit-AUTO-2-.rar GoldM.rar gp2.rar GPA.rar Gral.rar Greenbuxprofit Average 1~.mq4 GridBot.rar GridMeUpFX_basic.mq4 GTS.pdf gu_m15_lock.rar Hedge 4 – Manual_English.pdf HEDGE4_TRIAL_PACK.rar H-EImpulse.mq4 Ilan 1.5 Profit5_ТS.mq4 Ilan 1.5 STD_3_LE_Ver_3.mq4 Ilan 1.6a Dynamic_logicPipStep.mq4 Ilan 16_PipStepExponent_14(expforexatua).mq4 Ilan 193.rar Ilan 2.0.mq4 ILAN TURBO BETA v.4.5.1 +Mear.mq4 ILAN TURBO BETA v.4.5.1 +Mear_PrcntM2мм.mq4 ILAN TURBO BETA v.4.5.1++Mear.rar Ilan_1.5_ZeroProfit.mq4 Ilan_1.6_Dynamic_MM.mq4 Ilan_16TD_CCI_1.3.mq4 Ilan_16TD_SCT.mq4 Ilan_Exstra.rar Ilan_Exstra_Friday-from_Martingeil.mq4 Ilan_HiLo_RSI.mq4 Ilan_HiLo_RSI_Dinamic.mq4 Ilan_HiLo_RSI_fixed_by_Vespertilio.mq4 Ilan_Lite_1.mq4 Ilan_Nikolaus_mod.mq4 Ilan_Pyramid_v1[1].1.mq4 Ilan_RSI_MACD.mq4 Ilan_RSI_mm_extr18.mq4 Ilan_RSI_mm_extr192_rrr.mq4 Ilan_RSI_mm_extr193.rar Ilan_RSI_Pulse_Slope_02.rar Ilan_T1000_Plus2.mq4 Ilan_Tren_AHP_2010.mq4 Ilan_TrendRacing 3.2ME.rar ILAN_TURBO_BETA_v.4.5.1_Plus.rar ILAN_TURBO_BETA_v.4.5.1_Plus_PcntM.mq4 ILAN_TURBO_BETA_v.4.5.11_Plus.mq4 Ilan_v5.rar Ilan_VS_TrendTrading_LastTP_v1_2.mq4 Ilan_VS_TrendTrading_Trail.mq4 ilan_xx.rar Ilan1.6.Prof6.mq4 Ilan1.6.Prof6.full.mq4 Ilan1.6__MACD_RSI_ADX.mq4 Ilan1.6__MACD_RSI_ADX+SL.mq4 Ilan1.6_BBPower_v2.2Time.mq4 Ilan1.6_PipStep_off_Series.mq4 Ilan1.6_PipStepExponent_1.4_+.mq4 Ilan1.67byNikolaus.ex4 Ilan1.6D_m_hand_lot_pips.mq4 Ilan1.6Dynamic_m.mq4 Ilan1.6Dynamic_m3(DynamicTP+Quantum test).mq4 Ilan1.6Dynamic_no_first_trade.mq4 Ilan1[1].6Dynamic_e-Trall1.mq4 Ilan1[1].6Dynamic_e-Trall1_2.mq4 Ilan16_PipStepExponent_MFI_lock.mq4 Ilan16_PipStepExponent_MFI_lock.txt Ilan16c_PipStepExponent_MFI_lockSL.mq4 Ilan2.0byTarasov.mq4 Ilan2.0byTarasov.rar Ilan5_TimeNews.mq4 Ilan5Mod_1_Hilo_H1_RSI_H1_TimeFalse.mq4 Ilan-Combi _Dinamic.mq4 Ilan-Combi V2.1.mq4 ilanEMA_RSI, Ilan-Trio V1.33.mq4 Ilan-Trio V1.43.mq4 Ilan-Trio V1.45.4.mq4 Ilan-Trio Ilan-Trio V1_47.ex4 Ilan-TrioKS V1.43.mq4 Indi.rar Indo Run 1.5.rar InputResizerEA.mq4 Integra.rar Integra_NR_v2.7.9.mq4 Integra_v2.3.20.mq4 Integra_v2.7.rar Integra_v2.7.15_StepMA_sashken.mq4 Integra_v2.7.4.mq4 Integra-NR-v2.8.5.rar Investor dream V4-09 mod V3XR_v_2009_Rus ©.mq4 i-Regr.mq4 IrisFx_EA.ex4 irisfx_eu_m5.set i-UrovenZero-v.2.2.1.mq4 JabrixScalper_1.1.ex4 JokerEA_v1.4.mq4 kafetero.mq4 KangarooEAv4.0_edu.rar Kung Fu Pips EA v1_02!.rar M1_esav_1.mq4 M1_esav_1.2.mq4 M1_X.mq4 macd turbo.mq4 magatrend_M5_watr240.mq4 MAonRSI.mq4 MartGreg.mq4 MartGreg v1.0.mq4 MartGreg v1.1.mq4 Martingeil v1.51.mq4 Master4.mq4 MD Pro XE 1.2.rar MD_1.41 PJ_1.03.rar MD_v1.11a.rar MDP_Plus_2.2.3.rar mdp1.2.rar MDP-Plus_2.2.3a_m5.mq4 MDP-Plus_2.2.3EU 1M переделанн&#1099.mq4 MDP-Plus2.1.3.mq4 mdp-Version.1.10.rar MechanicsTrade.rar MegaBuxPips.mq4 MegaBuxPips2.mq4 MegaDroid.rar MegaDroid_1.21.rar MegaDroidFull.rar MegaDroidPro_XE.rar Merkio Enter WL.mq4 MillionDollarPips.mq4 MillionDollarPipsEURUSD_1.1.6.ex4 MillionDollarPipsEURUSD_2.mq4 MillionDollarPipsUSDJPY_1.1.6.ex4 MillionDollarPipsПР.mq4 mmm2.1.1.mq4 MO 27,04,13_edu.mq4 Money Sistem V.rar Money_STANOK.rar Money_STANOK ver 2 Cracked.mq4 Money_STANOK ver2 Cracked_2TP.mq4 Morpheus-TopBot-V1.0~.mq4 MtConf.rar MULTI ILAN 2010 MULTI ILAN 2010 v3.3.rar MULTI ILAN 2010 Multi_Ilan_2010_v3.1.rar Multi_Ilan_2011 ver 3.3-ver 3.4 – AUTO.rar Multi_Ilan_2011_AUTO_v3.4.ex4 Multi_Ilan_АВТО_v3.4.rar Multi-Currencies3.ex4 MultiInstrument.mq4 myfxbank.ru_apollon_for_testing.ex4 Neuro+trend.rar Nevalyashka_BreakdownLevel.mq4 Newest Universal 10~.mq4 Newesta 4.2.mq4 NEWEXPERT-NN.mq4 NFX~.mq4 NO1.rar NumberOne – Impulsive scalper.rar OBOS Divergence_FXTS_FastMod.mq4 OM_2WAY_v3.6.mq4 OMEGATREND.dll OmegaTrend_v7.0.mq4 OmegaTrendEA_v7.0_EURUSD.mq4 OndaFX-EDU.rar Original RSI-EMA Signals.mq4 Original RSI-EMA Signals_bot (4).mq4 pack.rar Palmuz.mq4 Parabolic_SAR.mq4 PipLaser_1.01_Aggressive2.mq4 PipLaser_v1_01_edu.mq4 PipmaxEA original.mq4 PipTurbo-v1.0.rar Pique_EA2.mq4 PolyVelocity_v1.mq4 PROVERKA.mq4 PTN.mq4 Pulse_Buy_Sell_V1.1.RAR.rar PYRAMID MA v5.2XE.mq4 QuantumEA_EDU.rar RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e) koef_SL.mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e2).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e3).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e4).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e-f).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (e-f)-JPY.mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_edu (only lot).mq4 RAY_Scalper_V1_m.mq4 RAY_Scalper_V2.1_edu.mq4 Ray+Ilan notime.mq4 Razor ea.rar Reticolo FX All Baskets and Rings v1.4.rar ReticoloFX.rar ReticoloFX Basket JPY.rar ReticoloFX Baskets.rar REVERS4.M.3(mod).rar RNN.rar Robot 2050_ LONG.mq4 Robot Forex 2051MACD (RUS).mq4 Robot Forex 2053.rar Robot Forex 2057 (RUS) Bazuka.rar Robot2050_ Short.mq4 RobotForex2051MACотWldmr.rar RTC4NNCS-TRIAL~.mq4 RunCabel.ex4 RX Hedg.rar Sali Crazy v2.mq4 Scalper_MA.mq4 Scalper_MA_Exp.rar Secure profit.mq4 Secure profit EURAUD.ex4 Secure profit_v1.1.mq4 Secure profit_v1.2.mq4 SELL_SANDYRrr_0.1.ex4 Shark_5_ultimate_full.rar SHE_AntiBaluev_Pro.mq4 SHE_Baluev_Pro.mq4 SHE_Baluev_Real.mq4 SHE_Shurgin V3.0.ex4 ShockBar 1.2.mq4 ShockBar_ver1.1.rar Sirius-Pro-ystems.rar SistemaEA_ByFreddy_mod1.mq4 SistemaEA_ByFreddy_Trans_v3.mq4 SistemaEA_ByFreddy~.mq4 Smart Scalping EU M1.mq4 Stark Next 2.1.mq4 Stark v2.3.mq4 Stark v3.7.3.mq4 Stelz.ex4 StochNRvlt.mq4 SupDem.ex4 super scalper.rar SuperMylt_2_MCAD.06.ex4 SuperMylt_2_MCAD.08.ex4 SuperMylt_2_MCAD10.ex4 SuperMylt_2_MCAD11.ex4 Support & Resistance.mq4 sustemv2.mq4 Swan_ADX_CCI_N1.17_tral.mq4 Swan_TR_ADX_Dual_N4.01.mq4 Swan_TR_N1.01.mq4 SWB grid 4.1 swb grid 5.4-ML-INVERSE.mq4 Swiss Army EA v1.51.mq4 The Channel Scalper 1.10.mq4 The Channel Scalper 1.11.rar The Channel Scalper 1.13.mq4 THV4 Coral TatH.ex4 THV4 HA2.ex4 Tick Scalper v1.02.mq4 Tick Scalper v1.2.mq4 Tick_Scalper.rar TickPulse_v2.mq4 TickScalper_v3.44.rar TikTak_2.mq4 TL_Breakout_EA2.5.ex4 TL_Breakout_EA2.5-guide.pdf top expert 8 cr~.mq4 Trailing_auto_max.rar TrailingStopCmillion_v1.mq4 TrailingStopFrCnSAR.mq4 TrailingUdavka.mq4 Trend Racing 3.51 ME Lite_tral_lasttp.mq4 Trend Racing 3.57 ME Lite.mq4 Trend1.5.ex4 TriangleHedge-TypeR-v11-13-EDU.rar Triangular_Arbitrage.rar Trio_dancer3_1 free.ex4 TrueTL V1.01.mq4 TSG_v1.08a_edu.rar TurboMax v.1.1.rar UDP.rar Ultra Scalper EA (based on Rita Lasker Indy).rar Uni-Quotes.rar universalMACrossEA.mq4 Urdala_Etalon_Alligator.mq4 Urdala_Etalon_V2.mq4 V3.1mod-2Magic.ex4 V3mod-2Magic.ex4 V4mod-2Magic.ex4 VAMPIRE_1.03_5Didj.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.03.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07_AUDUSD.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07_EURUSD.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07_GBPUSD.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07_USDCAD.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.07_USDCHF.mq4 VAMPIRЕ_1.08_EURUSD_Time.mq4 VectorTrader REMOVE DEMO CRACK.mq4 VectorTrader~.mq4 VectorTrader~ noDemo.mq4 Vergil_Day_Trader_V1.1.ex4 VF_Capital_v040ru.mq4 Virtual_gold.mq4 Virtual3.mq4 VolatilityFactor_5_1_FXTS_Mod.mq4 VolatilityFactor_v3.0.mq4 VolatilityFactorUserGuide ENG.pdf VolumeScalper.mq4 Wall Street + ozzy 2012.mq4 WallStreet 3.9+.rar WallStreet WallStreet_edu3.9.rar WallStreetForexRobot_v3.6.rar WallStreetForexRobot_v3.6_noIntern.mq4 WallStreetForexRobot_v3.6~.mq4 WallStreetForexRobot_v4.5_nodll.ex4 WallStreetForexRobot_v4.5_nodll.mq4 WallStreetForexRobot_v4.6_nodll.mq4 WallStreetX.mq4 WATR.mq4 Wave_Trend_i1a.mq4 Wave_Trend_i3d.mq4 Wave_Trend_s1a.mq4 Wave_trend_s2a.mq4 Wave_Trend_s3b.mq4 Werewolf 1.00 ME Lite.mq4 Werewolf_ADX_CCI_N1.13.mq4 WinFX_EA_V3c_edu.mq4 WinFX_EA_V4.2_compiler_FIX.mq4 WinFX_EA_V4_edu.rar WinFX_EA_V4_edu_v3.1_FIX.mq4 WinFX_Indicator_V3c.mq4 WinFX_Indicator_V3c_Fix.mq4 WinFX_Integra_Fix_v1.rar WinFX_vs_Integra_Fix_v1.rar WOC.0.1.1.mq4 WOC.0.1.4.mq4 WOC.0.1.5 SamerVersion.mq4 WOC[1].0.1._No_SL&TP.mq4 WOC[1].0.1.5_No_SL&TP.mq4 WOC_modify_03.mq4 WOC_modify_04.mq4 WOC_modify_04.rar WOCTS_v.0.1.1.mq4 WSFR_D2HL_5.mq4 XE Pauk.ex4 x-module(M15 eur-usd).mq4 XMT-Scalper_4_2_1_revers.mq4 XMT-Scalper_esav.mq4 XMT-Scalper_esav_1.3.mq4 XMT-Scalper_v2.4.mq4 XMT-Scalper_v2.4.1.mq4 XMT-Scalper_v2.4.1_M5.mq4 XMT-Scalper_v2.4.1a.mq4 XMT-Scalper_v2.4.1b.mq4 yolis~.mq4 YPM.rar ZaharovAndrey_25.mq4 Zamok.mq4 Zamok v1.4.1.mq4 Zealot_Bargain+MM.ex4 ZeaSlut.mq4 Zerg EA.ex4 ZigZag600 v1c (beta1).mq4 ZUP_v71.mq4 ZZ_H1v2.1.mq4 Аrditrage_FХ.mq4 АК-47.mq4
Forex Robots: UsrednenieDynamic, Dealers Trade Limit Orders 12, enLight Average Breakout Trader 2 01, Enterra Forex Star EA 3, GoldenProfit_AUTO, Hard Scalper, lockpipsingxr_2, PipZu, proverka1.4_udp, OU_Forex_Mastery_Market_Scanner, OU Forex Mastery Candle Clock, OU Forex Mastery Market Scanner, OU Forex Mastery PAI Oscillator, OU Forex Mastery Price Action, OU Forex Mastery Price Magnifier, OU Forex Mastery Signal Confirmation, OU Forex Mastery Trend Channel, OU Forex Mastery Trend Momentum, ShockBar1.2, Exp – SafetyLOCK PRO v5 (12062011)~, Suicidio, Tracer_GR, EA_NET+7.1~, Setka Limit Loc v4.2, ea Kitchen Fighter, Cobra_Adrenaline, Cashprofitopt, Cash-profit v.1.1, Cash-profit 1.2, Ilan1.6Dynamic1111, PipsCut-v2.0 -edu, GEPARD_4, Robot_Forex_2015_Profesional, Platinum_Fair_R9, MoiGRAALE13, Gepard5.0, GEPARD_3.1, CrazyGepard, ExpertCCI, ExpertCCI_2, Expert3, Expert4, AExpertCCI2, ViperGrid EA (2.6.2), Happy Forex v1.5 My, PairTrader_Exp v41, PairTrader_Ind v2, TST1, WOC.N3_2, WOC.T3TTstop, XBars_MA_Scalper, Grid_Profit_Cmillion v1.2, XE Pauk, ! MY Buy-Sell Graall v1.1, Unimillion~, Double_Force2, t27_MaxPLAY_grail_2.2, proba demark1, PFP v3-2, Pulse Fibonacci+Pivot, TIMERSET v4.1, MyNewsTrading_EA, e-News-Lucky$, AmazingEA-1.1.8, Multi-level-v.1.0
Forex Robots: MetaTrader4 451 build for compilation file MQ4, VIP-EA MAXIMUM, RubiconHelper, Rich 1 x 2 lot, VAMPIRE_1.07_EURUSD_Time, VAMPIRЕ_1.07_GBPUSD, Werewolf 1.00 ME Lite, Bamboni EA, Rivas, Urdala_Tester_Demo, Tokyo_GBPUSD_v17a, Tokyo_GBPUSD_H1_v18_alpha3_DEMO_USE_ONLY, Tokyo_GBPUSD_H1_v16, SimpleH1_GBPUSD_EAv9, Forex_GAP_v2.0, MY MILLIONS EA, ForexGridTraderEA, CrazyScalper-full ver 1.0MM+, Crazy Scalper v1.11MM_no_DLL, Aladdin5FX, ForexGrowthBot, Forex_expert, Two_Levels_EA, Genesis, GenesisMatrix 2.21_1_ea, Vega, GoldenProfit_ММ, Progressor_1.9_FULL, Progressor_1.12_StHedge, Progressor 1.9~_for_forum, Progressor_1.12, ea – kain, EAKAIN SCALPER PRO 2010 v1.05~, pipstriderv133, pipstrider-ea, Robin_VOL_16, last hope 6, Great hope 2, Forex_last_hope_(v_4_1), Forex_last_hope(with gmt), EATA pollan vers mod 2, exp_iCustom_v10, my10trend, ReverseSystemBEST, 5317 FOR 4 DIGITS BROKERS~, fxscalper_ecn, BeerGod, tfot3, super-signals-channel.EA, AI-FOREX_Robot, LU, Pseudocarcharias_AllIncl, iRobot V4-(MACD+MA), O2, UYR_EA_Trial, PyramidEA_v2009i, Atlant v1.1, Atlant v1.1-5digital, Pro fx sto EA – M30 GBPUSD,EURUSD,USDCHF,USDJPY, Integra_NR_v2.8.5, Ilan 7, verifiedtrader_ea, BMMAX Power EA_edu, Tica (e3), Pallada 2010, Neuro-MartingailExpertStochastic_v3, DRACULA, Dracula Forex Robot V _II, Tick Scalper v1.2, Robot FXnewtec (RUS) (EURCHF M15), EA MAFD1 and EA MAFD2, FST_ABB 1_11_1, Invest System 4.5, Fibbonazzi-Martingail, BullDozer, Bulldozer_A12_v3.11, EA_Boogie_NN_V.8, Bogi- macd 2, The Channel Scalper 1.0, The Channel Scalper 1.13, GRAALy3, Cash Hammer v4.2 MM_no_DLL, _____FX Combo, COMBIC_7Aex, Combo 2.3, Combo RU 3, Combo System 5M2, Combo System 6M, Combo-3, exFOREX Combo 1.46 EDU, FCS_v3.0(4in1)EURUSD_Crack_War, FOREX COMBO CUSTOM V6.0c, Forex COMBO System 8E RUS (EURUSD; M5), Forex_COMBO_System_War_test_FridayAllClose(2.42), cci-100, PipJet_1_02, Collector2.1~, Correlation_mod, FractalScalp, BreakdownLevelDay 010413, BasketBull 10.02 beta, BasketBull_8.6, StopLimitOrdersAlert v1, SetkaProfit v2, Setka Limit Loc v4.6, Cobra 1.1, THV4 Coral TatH, CobraMod 0.2, Scripts 99%, Repeat Orders, fxgrowthpower, ForexGrowthBo_parTrailing, Forex Growth Bot 1.8, Exp – ForexBOWT, Yen Drive Build 201, Forex_COMBO_System_ver.1.0_(Pirate_Edition), 408_GoldNStream_v2., Momods_Night_Scalper_V3.02_Basic, Rann im 1_0.ex4, Unimillion_, Lossing, Forex_Expertv2, _SpreadController, Elvis v3-2, Direction&ReversBar&NoLoss&CloseProfit_, ForexEnvy2.0, Forex_Envy_v2.0_Revers, Auto trading robot

Expert Advisors:

EA VF_Capital – Mechanical Trading System (Adviser) VF_Capital.
Trading Platform: MT4, Currency trading pair: using any currency pair, including and cross-rates (multi-advisor), Period: Use any period, stable profitability of the system, per month: ~25% of the profits in a year: ~300% profit (without reinvestment, ie initial installation. Earnings may be withdrawn every month).
Per year: ~500% or more (P reinvestment, ie periodically as they grow deposits and increase the profitability of the system. Profit was withdrawn at the end of the year). Possibility to use several experts on a trading account. This is necessary if you want to trade simultaneously on different currency pairs with a single deposit. The principle of maximizing profits at flat (lateral) movement of prices. The expert is simple and easy to use and logically optimal settings. Fully adjustable input parameters adviser.
EA VF_Break – Mechanical Trading System (Adviser) VF_Break.
Trading Platform: MT4, Currency pair: using any currency pair, including and cross-rates (multi-advisor), Period: Use any period.
Stable profitability of the system in a month: ~25% profit per year: ~300% profit (without reinvestment, ie initial installation. Profits can be withdrawn each month).
Per year: ~500% or more (P reinvestment, ie periodically as they grow deposits and increase the profitability of the system. Profit was withdrawn at the end of the year). Trade in any time period with the use of limit orders that can not sit at the monitor all day. Suffice it to include an expert every 3-4 forex market hours for 5 minutes!
Possibility to use several experts on a trading account. This is necessary if you want to trade simultaneously on different currency pairs with a single deposit. The expert is simple and easy to use and logically optimal settings. Fully adjustable input parameters adviser.
EA VF_Boomerang – Mechanical Trading System (Adviser) VF_Boomerang.
Trading Platform: MT4, Currency trading pair: using any currency pair, including and cross-rates (multi-advisor), Period: Use any period
Stable profitability of the system in a month: ~25% profit per year: ~300% profit (without reinvestment, ie initial installation. Profits can be withdrawn each month).
Per year: ~500% or more (P reinvestment, ie periodically as they grow deposits and increase the profitability of the system. Profit was withdrawn at the end of the year). Possibility to use several experts on a trading account. This is necessary if you want to trade simultaneously on different currency pairs with a single deposit. Fully adjustable input parameters of an expert advisor.
enLight® Average Breakout Trader™ – Advisor for Strategy B. Barishpoltsa “Break the middle”. Test history to be quite reasonable risk, and the highest quality data (90%) showed an increase in the deposit more than 7 times from March to late November. Profit for the nine months of the test was 600% – it’s about 25% per month, not bad at all for the automatic trading system.
Using enLight ® Average Breakout Trader™ you do not need to make any manual steps. The work system is fully automated.
enLight® Surfing™ – As trade expert enLight ® Surfing™ implemented one of the best strategies for famous Russian trader Victor Barishpoltsa.
Trade tactics Barishpoltsa really affect their profitability! This once again we have seen since the establishment of this trade expert at one of its trading strategies. Even a cursory glance at the record of the test, you can highlight the main points of information, such as: 1354% increase in the deposit for six months, which is about 50% profit every month! Strategy with more than 90% of profitable trades – it’s just a great result! Value profitable deals to loss-making 14/1.
And a myriad of other expert advisors… Here’s a quick list:
GEPARD v2.3, v2.5, v3.0, v3.1, v4.2; AUTO Profit Diler, Boogie+Wackena, Chameleon 2008, Diamond Power Trend, EA BankingFX, Elevated, ForexAIAutoTrader 2.1, ForeXer 4.1, Golden Profit AUTO, GREEZLY, ILanProfit v1.4; v1.5; v1.6, MegaDroid, Merkio Exp Ukis, PipBoxer, Piptronic 2.0, Profit Hunter, SkyForex v.1, Trendfox, WAWin, Ea-Boss, LuckyСandles, ProgramForex, EUREKA, Cobra, FX Genius Robot, ForexPlatinum, JAGUAR HEDGE (V2)
And also:
EA SHARK ULTIMATE ru version (indicator and advisor)
EA Pallad v3.0
Forex AutoCash Robot
Forex Funnel
Trading system ForexDominion
Traders Secret Code
Pyramid EA ULTIMATE 2008
Forex Autopilot
Forex Raptor
Forex Hitman
Trend Tracer 1.4
Trading system Forex Assassin
Forex Breakout System
Forex Terminator
EA Shark Ultimate 4.0 (5.0)
DreambuilderFX (DTS-1)
Forex Beater
Forex Loophole
AutoTrader FXPP
Robo Miner
Steinitz Hedge v3.21
Range Trader
Sniper Forex
Kuasa Forex
Instant Forex Profit System
Forex Success System
AME Cross Trader
Forex Boomerang
Bogie all
AladdinFX (Aladdin2FX)
Pallada 3.0 Final (SE 2009)
LMT Forex formula
M7 Sidewinder PRO
Forex Supremacy
Platinum Fair R9
Forex Warlord
IvyBot v5.1
Mechanics Trade

EA Volcano Premium v.7.0 ۞ – thought-out trade
Unique Adviser «Volcano Premium» v.7.0 is the latest innovation specialists «Finans Plus» for trading on the Forex market in 2009.
As a result, all implemented modifications, compared with previous versions, the adviser sells more accurately, the results of trade became more profitable and stable.
The advantage of this advisor is to complete the analysis of the current state of the market and make informed decisions based on analysis of historical data, together with the use of nonstandard indicator.
With «Volcano Premium» v.7.0, you can no special skills and special efforts in the proper setting to increase their capital. Advisor is designed for people who value their time and money.
** Any currency pairs.
** The ability to use on multiple pairs (multi-currency trading)
** Using the custom indicator Volcano_Ind.
** Ability to use for day trading.
** Featured timeframes: M15, M30, H1.
** The minimum deposit at the rate of 3000 per pair, on which trading adviser.
** Advisor set to trade: from conservative to highly risky.
** Protection against false signals.
** Filter for opening positions: filter maximum/minimum.
** Ability to support open positions using trailing.
** Ability to open blocking warrant.
** Ability averaging loss.
** Possibility of an inverse trade (in the case of reversal of the market).
** Service settings.
Advisor on sale in the form of license ex4 file, it is compiled and ready for use in the terminal MetaTrader. Forex robot can work on the account completely independently and does not require human intervention. The kit is selling very detailed instructions for installing and configuring adviser. There were no complications in the use of EA there, he can consistently and profitably operate with default settings.
EA Better Trading Robot on the principles Champion 2007.
Many were struck by a stunning success winning the 2007 Championship, where Better finish with the separation from the nearest competitor by more than 2.5 times:

You submitted Advisor aka_Better, written on the basis of probabilistic neural network PNN (Probability Neural Network). It is based on principles used by the champion.

Long before the end of the Championship-2007, we began to explore strategies for TS Oleksandr Topchylo. At that time he has answered questions in a blog and forums. Subsequently, a lot of information from public sources has been removed, but we left it.
The possibilities of neural networks in solving the problems of forecasting can not be overemphasized, but it is not easy to use tool that requires some skill and time-consuming. Six months of hard work it took us to write this expert. We named it EA_Better.
Neural networks are not only powerful but also universal tool in solving problems of forecasting. And for us not come a surprise that the adviser EA_Better, being initially “sharpened” under the EURUSD, has shown no worse results as the other currency pairs, as well as for other types of markets: raw materials, stock market, indices, futures, bonds, options, contracts for difference… Backtests are made permanent, close to a real lot with a reasonable degree of risk (drawdown), the presented serious investors. The results for each individual instrument, show an increase in deposit 2-4 times per year of trading, which is very close to that of the Champion for real account: where one year deposit increased 3.5 times for EURUSD.
It is clear that our trade adviser EA Better to multiple instruments simultaneously, will be made at times more the level of profit for risk diversification.
This working Advisor Golden profit auto

Automated Trading System “Golden profit auto” profitable, stable and easy to use mechanical trading system for forex today!
It has a stable income, a unique algorithm of the first transaction and the system output deals with no loss of Martingale. The system is flexible and uniquely profitable – a stable profit from 3100 to 3700% for 1 year – checked on the real and demo.
A little fear can only be unpredictable jumps in prices for 400 or settlements “in the wrong direction”, that takes place during the economic collapse of any country, war, major, terrorist, attacks, etc. This happens once in 2 years.
This can be found on TV and in advance to suspend work on the adviser for several days.
“Golden profit auto” is a program (MTS, advisor, expert.) For Metatrader 4.0, which can be traded independently, with little interference of man himself.
The advantages of this method of trading are large and consist in the absence of “human factor”:
System should be clearly draws its algorithm can trade around the clock bringing even a novice trader to a stable income. Advisor is a half-scalpers because of the fact that the minimum TP can be equal to 5, plus the fact that no one broker does not prohibit its use on the real as opposed to completely scalping systems with TA = 1,2,3.
No adjustment for history. Advisor to successfully distinguish itself warrants and checks only for those orders, which put itself. You can trade independently on the same account, the adviser will not touch your orders. The principle on which he works, is unique! This method of trade is very convenient, adviser never tired, does not feel any emotions, while continuing to trade at a predetermined strategy in any situation.
The system will do all the work for you, it’s very nice, especially to see real results at the end of the day.
Works on real and demo account without interruption around the clock, even on Fridays without human intervention on OK.
The recommended initial deposit of 50$ (5000 cents) on mini accounts with a lot 0.01
Report real account
Period 5 Minutes (M5) 2008.01.02 09:00 – 2008.05.30 22:55 (2008.01.02 – 2008.06.02)
Initial deposit of 50$ (5000 cents)
Net income Total income 67602.95 79024.25 Gross loss -11421.30
Profitability 6.92
Expected payoff 58.03
Absolute drawdown 411.80 Maximum drawdown 44205.54 (91.73%)
Relative drawdown 91.73% (44205.54)
Total transactions in 1165
Short positions (won%) 479 (74.74%)
Long positions (won%) 686 (74.20%)
Profit trades (% of total) 867 (74.42%)
Loss trades (% of total) 298 (25.58%)
Largest profit trade 1642.50
Losing trade -706.50
Average profit trade 91.15
Losing trade -38.33
Maximum number of consecutive wins (profit) 27 (650.80)
Consecutive losses (loss) 9 (-3202.02)
Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 2679.70 (3)
Consecutive loss (count of losses) -3202.02 (9)
Average consecutive wins 8
Three consecutive losses
Information: Tech. Features scalpers “Golden profit auto”:
* The complexity of the MTS: He’ll understand even the novice. Possible errors will decide together.
* Terminal: Metatrader 4
* The suggested tools: any pair of currencies.
* Period: from M1 to MN (months)
* Minimum Deposit: 50$ (5000 cents) from 50 cent to the micro.
* Profit: up to 3700% per year. depends on the shoulder, level lots and frequency of reinvestment.
* Brokers: Anyone with a micro 0.01 Lot, Mini 0.1 lot, or normal score a lot. (Recommendations, see above)
* Forex market hours: day and night on weekdays.
* Reinvestment: to reinvest or to increase the value of Lot, it is necessary after the news Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) (the first Friday of the month), for example on the second Monday of the month, so you will increase the total profit for a few tens of % and protect themselves from the alleged force majeure. With reinvestment of profits may be up to 3700% per year.
The efficiency of MTS proved to demo during the 1.7 years at Real Madrid just for a shorter period.
Additional Information: The archive kit includes:
EA in the compiled form, ie in ex4 format and ready for work.
“Set” files for optimization – templates + indicators to determine the market movement – helper scripts file (installation and optimization of the expert Golden profit auto)
The most effective night trading robot “NIGHTCASH v.2010” – Take a piece of pie night at the Forex Market!
The robot is able to take all of your Forex trading and fully automate the extraction of profit from your account even while you sleep. A revolutionary solution for you to perform analysis, comparison, decision-making on purchases or sales, opening and closing transactions for a continuous increase your deposit. The robot was given at 3-week testing everyone the trader. The effectiveness of the robot showed a very high rate, approximately 90% of winning trades and 10 losing, as a basis for the robot were taken ideas from the top 10 advisers this year, now is the best night’s adviser, now you can buy and at a reasonable price.
Robot forex works with all currency pairs (25 currency pairs): from 21:00 to 05:00 am GMT (during their lowest activity). The idea of such trade is not new and was used by many before us, but offered you a product has a number of revolutionary innovations that will significantly increase profits and minimize losses. Also one of the main advantages NightCash v.2010 is uncompromising reliability, which is important in such a dynamic market like the Forex when working with real money.
So now you can buy really working, high performance product, which will pay off very quickly, and will continue to bring you a steady income! Start trading with a real system and proven effectiveness.
List of other material in the Forex software package:
^Dyn_Range”, “^Dyn_Range2”, “^Pivot_AllLevels”, “^Pivot_PP”, “^Pivot_ResSup”, “_(SF_TREND_LINES)”, ___________________Matrix-, ___________________Matrix-_2, “_Convert HST to CSV”, _ea_DivergenceTrader_Ron_MT4_v05, _i_EF_distance, _i_EF_distance1, _i_MACD, _MA_Crossover_Alert_, _MatrixProf, _MatrixProf_2, _MTF_Candles, _MTF_MovingAverage, _MTF_Supertrend, _MTF_Supertrend_On_Price, “_rdb_ EA Guide”, “_rdb_ The Best Free EA (Update Jan 1 2009)”, _rdb_Thunder_4WD_v1a, “_SHELL[ea]Name_Ron_MT4_v00”, _TDTLModifiedBR, a-new-interprtation-of-information-rate-kelly, A_Foreign_Echange_Primer, “”, abhaeepertv2, abhaindictorv2, “Abid Method”, ABO_v1.40_CNS_Readers, AboveBelowMA.ex4, AboveBelowMA.mq4, AbsoluteStrength_exit, accelerator, Accelerator_LSMA, Accelerator_LSMA_v2, Accelerator_LSMA1, AccountMonitor, AccountMonitor1, Accumulation, “ACD System1”, ACD_PV, ActiveTrading, Adaptosctry, AdaptTS, AdaptTS.ex4, AdaptTS.mq4, aDeleteMe, ADQ_System, advanced_candlesticks_strategies, adx, “ADX Crossing”, “ADX Crossing w_Alerts”, “ADX CrossingAlertEmail”, “ADX FiboMA”, adx.lucki, adx.mq4, ADX_System.ex4, ADX_System.mq4, “ADX_System+Tracert”, ADXbars, “ADXbarsSmd[cw]”, “ADXbarsSmd[sw]”, ADXCROSS, ADXCROSS.ex4, ADXCROSS.mq4, ADXCROSSautotrade, ADXCROSSautotrade2, ADXCROSSautotrade3, ADXCROSSautotrade5, ADXcrosses, “ADXcrosses&sound”, ADXDMI, adxdon, adxdon1, ADXTRENDTALK, AFStar, AFStar1, Agressor, AI_PerceptronZZ,, ak_system1, AK74M_ver1.00_educated, “Akuma99 Atmosphere”, “Akuma99 Storm Clouds”, “Akuma99 Storm Clouds v0-3”, Aladdin2FX, AladdinFX, AlbatorFX, Alert_MA, Alexav_D1_Profit_GBPUSD, Alexav_SpeedUp_M1, AlexmanConcursExpert.ex4, AlexmanConcursExpert.mq4, All_usd_pair, alligator, Alligator3, AlphOmega_Elliott_Waves_5.7, Alternative_Ichimoku_v07, altMA, AltrTrend, AltrTrend_Signal_v2_2, AltrTrend_Signal_v2_2-Alert, AltrTrendexp, “AltrTrendexp(23SEP05)”, AMA, “AMA & AMA sig”, “AMA optimized”, AMA_AMA_sig, “amazing news EA”, AmazingEA-1.0.5, “AmazingEA-1[1].1.7”,, “Analisa Forex1-Candlestick-Support-Resis-Pivot-Breakout”, “Analisa Forex2-123-Eliot-Fibo”, andrei888889333, ang_AutoCh_HLK-v1, Angel_A1, antitrend_EMA, ANUBIS-2010, anubis.ex4, anubis.mq4, ao, AO_MFI_MA_Ron_01, ao1, ao2,, Arbitrag.ex4, Arbitrag.mq4, Arbitrage, ArbitrageReverse_1.1, ArbitrageReverse_1.1.ex4, ArbitrageReverse_1.1.mq4, ArbitrageReverse_1.1_2, Arbitraz, “Aroon Up & Dn”, “Aroon Bars”, “Aroon Horn”, “Aroon Oscilator”, “Aroon Oscilator_v1”, “Aroon Oscilator_v1_2”, “Aroon Up & Dn”, Aroon_Bars, Aroon_Haroon, Aroon_Horn, Aroon_Horn1, Aroon_Horn2, Aroon_Oscilator, Aroon_Oscilator_v1, Aroon_Up_Dn, Aroon_v1, Aroon_v1_2, ArrayTest, “Artemis_Sitter v1.80”, Artemis_Sitter_V.1.80_PRO, Artificial_Intelligence, ArtificialIntel, ArtificialIntelligence.ex4, ArtificialIntelligence.mq4, AsAManThinketh, ASC, ASC-Trend-signal, ASC-Trend-signal.ex4, ASC-Trend-signal.log, ASC-Trend-signal.mq4, “ASC Trend”, “ASC Trend EA”, “ASC Trend EA(2)”, “ASC Trend EA(3)”, “ASC++.ex4”, “ASC++.mq4”, Ascbars, ASCtrend, ASCTrend_Sound.mq4, “ASCTrend_Sound[1].mq4”, ASCTrend1, ASCTrend1sig, ASCTrend1sig_noSound, AscTrend2, ASCTrendK, ASCTrendK2, Ask_Shadow, ASKBID, asys_beats, asys_fibo, , forex ea, at_Itp4, ataman1.02,, “ATC 2008”, atc2006, “atp.1 global variable”, “atp.1 global variable1”, “atp.1 global variable2”, “atp.1 iCustom”, “atp.1 iCustom1”, “atp.1 iCustom2”, “atp.1 iCustom3”, “atp.2 iCustom”, “atp.3 iCustom”, “atp.4 iCustom”, “atp.5 iCustom”, “atp.5 iCustom1”, “atp.6 iCustom”, “atp.6 iCustom1”, “atp.6 iCustom2”, “atp.6 iCustom3”, “atp.7 iCustom”, “atp.7 iCustom1”, “atp[1].7 iCustom”, ATR, “ATR Channels”, “ATR Levels”, “ATR ratio”, ATR_Levels, “Atrainer Method”, attachment, AttheBestEA, “Auto-Pivot Plotter V1-3”, “Auto-Pivot Plotter (Mid-Levels) V1-3”, Auto-Scalper_, “AUTO Profit diler v.4.7”, Auto_Cash_Generator_Ultimate2, AUTO_Garant,, AutoDayFibs, Autoforex_V2_478397, autoFX_HaNoo.ex4, autoFX_HaNoo.mq4, autoFX_HaNoo_v10, autoFX_HaNoo_v101, “autoFX_HaNoo_v101(23SEP05)”, AutoGraf_Kapel_indic, “automated trading program 1”, “Automatic Forex Grail”, Automatic_Forex_Crusher, AutomaticFXGrail,, Autopipster, Avalanche_v1.2, “Avalanche_v1[1].2”, “Average Range”, “Average Size Bar”, “Avg Daily Range”, Avoiding_mistakes_in_forex_trading_-forextrader, AvonkoElite_v43, avtoforex., awesome, “Awesome User Variable”, “b-clock modified LA Silver”, “B. Williams”, BadOrders, BagavinoBar, “Balan,_Robert_-_Elliott_Wave_Principle_Forex”, Bands, Bands1, BandsLSMA, bar_close_alarm_V1, Basket_Profit_Alert2, “Basket_Profit_Alert2[1]”, BasketBull606, “BAT Method”, “Batfink Method”, “BB – HL”, “bb 0.1”, “BB Method”, BB_Diff, BB_MACD, “BBands Stops”, “BBands Stops1”, BBands_Stop_v1, BBandWidthRatio, bbhisto, bbkc, bbsqueeze, bbsqueeze1, BBwithFractdev, BCatcherR4, BCatcherR4.ex4, Bear_Market_Investing_Strategies, Bears, “Bella Method”, Bheurekso_pattern, Bid_View2.0, “Big Boss”, Bill_Poulos_-_Fibonacci_Trading, Bill_Williams_-_Trading_Chaos,, billionere, “Binario TR d”, Binario_3, Binario_31, Binario_TR_d, BIO, birza_risk, “Black King V 2.0”, black_dog_system, BlackPanther, “BlackSwan”, Blade_Forex_Strategies, Blau, blCma, bless, Bless_Fifth_Element_v1.0.1, bless_FiFtHeLeM, “Blessing System”, BLines_Profi_en, BLines_Profi_v1, BLines_Profi_v11,, Bogie_all, Bogie_Neural_Network, Bogie_V10, “Bollinger %b”, “Bollinger Band Width”, “Bollinger Bands”, “Bollinger Bands %b”, “Bollinger Master”, “Bollinger Squeeze v3”, “Bollinger Squeeze v4”, “Bollinger Squeeze v5”, “Bollinger Squeeze v6”, “Bollinger Squeeze v7”, Bonsix_EA, bonus, Bookkeeper, Boomerang22, BorneoKingEA,, BOSS, bouncingPipEA_mpowerV41, “Brain Trend”, BrainTrend1, BrainTrend1Sig, BrainTrend1Sig1, BrainTrend1Stop, BrainTrend1StopLine, “BrainTrend1StopLine C”, BrainTrend2, “BrainTrend2-convert Help”, BrainTrend2Sig, “BrainTrend2Sig-convert Help”, BrainTrend2Sig1, BrainTrend2Stop, “BrainTrend2Stop-convert Help”, BrainTrend2StopLine, BrainTrend2StopLine-convert-help, BrainTrendALP, BrainTrendALP1Sig, BrainTrendALP2, BreakingTheBrokerMyth, breakout, Breakout_BSL_EA, “Breakout_TR_0[1].5”, “Breakout_TR_0[1].9”, Breakout1, Breakout11, “Breakup 0.1”, “Broker Forex”, BronzeW_Pan, “Bruno’s.ex4”, “Bruno’s.mq4”, “Bruno v1”, Bryan, Bryce_Gilmore_-_Dynamic_Time_and_Price_Analysis_of_Ma, , rket_Trends, BT1, BT2Sig, BT2Stop, “BTtrend Trigger”, “Bull Bear”, Bull_vs_Medved, Bulls, BULLS-BEARS-4XTRAFFIC2, BullsBearsEyes, “BullsBearsEyes(28AUG05)”, BullsBearsEyes1, “Bunny Cross System”, Bunny_v2.0, “Bunnygirl Cross and Daily Open”, “Bunnygirl Cross and Daily Open 10”, BURN_v1.2, BURN_v1.2a, BURN_v1.7_6s_D, BURN_v1.7_m, “Butaney,_T.G._-_Forecasting_Prices_(5th_Edition)”, BykovTrend_Sig, “C.O.T.L Forex Trading System”, CaliberFxPro, Calypso, “Calypso оплачено”, Calypso_2, cam_H1_H5_Historical, cam_L1_L5_Historical, Camarilla, Camarilla-MT04-Ind_MBB, “Camarilla Forex System-Daily”, “Camarilla Forex System-Daily1”, “Camarilla Forex System-M5a”, “Camarilla Forex System-M5a1”, camarilladt1, camarilladt5, camarilladt7v1, camarilladt7v11, camarilladt8, camarilladtHistorical_V2, camarilladtHistorical_V4, “Cancel Open Stop or Limit Orders”, “Cancel Orders”, “Candle MT3_Separate”, CandleAverage_v3, candles_01, CandleStick, “Candlestick Identification_MT4_In”, “candlestick Pattern”, “Candlestick pattern 2”, “Candlestick Pattern Dictionary”, “Candlestick Pattern Part 1”, “Candlestick Pattern Part 2”, “Candlestick Pattern Part 3”, “Candlestick Technic”, Candlesticks, candlesticks_document, CanOM07_191, “Capital 5ru”, Carcharodon_v1., Cash-Cruiser, “Cash Hammer v2.0”, Cash_Hamer_v2, Cashing_in_on_Short_Term_Currency_Trends, CashRocket,, CATARENA, caterpillar_70704c, CatFX50, CatFX50.mq4, “CatFX50_last ver”, CatFX50b, CCI, “CCI(1)”, CCI_For_Gazuz2, CCI_For_Gazuz2.ex4, CCI_For_Gazuz2.mq4, CCI_Histogram, cci_manual, CCI_Woodies, “CCI_Woodies [i]”, CCI_Woodies2, “cci21(1)”, CCIALERT, CCIALERT.ex4, CCIALERT.mq4, CCISqueeze, CCM2, CCM3, “Center of Gravity”, ch_2006.ex4, ch_2006.mq4, “Chaikin’s Volatility”, Chameleon_2008, Champion-2007, chan_ea, Chande, Chande_Kroll_Stop_v1, ChandelierExit, ChandeQStik_v1,, Channels,, ChaosTrader, Charles_Mackay_-_Extraordinary_Popular_Delusions_and_the_Madne, , ss_of_Crowds, Charlie_Wright_-_Trading_as_a_Business, “Chart Pattern”, Chemp2008, CHF_CORR_EUR, Chinchilla-EURCADH1, CHMP-Forex_Market, CHMP-Forex_Market-2008-GBPUSD, CHO, “Chris Battles.ex4”, “Chris Battles.mq4”, CJDTNYBR, CJDTNYBR_2, “Clear The Board Bee-otch”, “Cleon Heiken Ashi”, Clif_Droke_-_Elliott_Wave_Simplified, Close_Basket, Close_Basket_Profit, Close_Basket_Profit_Loss, Close_Basket1, Close_Basket2, Close_Delete_Everthing_ASAP_Now_Profit_Hour, Close_onepair_open_and_pending_orders, CloseMall_Hour_Input, “CloseMall_Hour_Input Bee-otch-666”, CloseMall_Hour_Input1, CloseOnTime, “CloveriX[1]”, CMO_v1,, “Cobra v1.0”, CobWeb_v2.3, CoeffofLine, CoeffofLine_true, CoeffofLine_true1, CoeffofLine_true2, CoeffofLine_v1, CoeffoLine_Hist, CoeffoLine_Hist1, CoeffoLine_Hist2, collaps.ex4, Collaps.mq4, Collection_EA, ColorOsMA, ColouredWoodie, ColouredWoodiesCCI, “Competition 2.ex4”, “Competition 2.mq4”, Competition.ex4, Competition.mq4,, continuation, Cool2, “Copy of 27-23 Rule”, Coramac_0001, “Cornflower Method”, “Correl[i]_1”, “Correl[i]_11”, “Cost Averaging v4-Pyramid.ex4”, “Cost Averaging v4-Pyramid.mq4”, “Cost Avg -Common RSI v1.ex4”, “Cost Avg -Common RSI v1.mq4”,, Cracking_The_Forex_Code, “Critical Points”, “Critical Points1”, Critical_Points, Critical_PointsV2,, cross.ex4, cross.mq4, CrossMA, “CSV producer”, “CSV producer1”, csv_to_hst, CurrencyProfits_0.1, CurrencyProfits_01.1, Custom, CustomCandle, “CyAn_5_CG Oscillator”, “CyAn_6_RVI(1)”, “CyAn_8_FishStoch(1)”, CyberiaTrader, CyberiaTrader.ex4, CyberiaTrader.mq4, “CyberKreatif News”, cyberkreatif_BrainTrend1Sing_Alert, cyberkreatif_BrainTrend1Sing_Alert_Multi_Time, cyberkreatif_Pivot, D_RSI,, “Daily Scalp”, “Daily Scalp.ex4”, “Daily Scalp.mq4”, Daily%20Open, DailyPivotPoints, “DailyPivotPoints(2)”, Damiani_volatmeter, “Damiani_volatmeter(1)”, “Darma Pivots”, “Darma System Indicator (beta)”, Darma%20Pivots, databriefaugust04, “Day Chenel”, DayChannel%28Mix%20edition%29, Daydream01, dayHL, “DayImplus 1.1”, “DayImplus 1[1].1”, DayImplus%201.1, DayImpuls, DayImpuls.mq4, DayImpuls_T3_v3, “DayImpuls_T3_v3(1)”, DayImpuls1, DayImpulse, DayImpulse2DD, DayImpulseOverlay, DayProfitDelux, DayProfitSE, DayTrader, DayTrading, “DayTrading Template”, “DayTrading(23SEP05)”, DayTrading.ex4, DayTrading.mq4, DayTrading02, DayTrading02-a, DayTrading021, DayTrading022, DayTrading1, “DayTrading1(23SEP05)”, DayTrading2, DayTrading3, DayTrading3-a, DayTrading301, DayTrading301-a, DayTrading5, DayTrading5.ex4, DayTrading5.mq4, DayTradingMind, DC.ex4, DC.mq4, DCGGBPJPYV40K3, DCGINDI2, “Dealer Lots Management Manual”, “Dealers Trade v 7.89 ZeroLag MACD.ex4”, “Dealers Trade v 7.89 ZeroLag MACD.mq4”, DealersTradev7, “Decompiler 220”, Decorator_Ron_v01, “DelanTradeExpoSystem 1.3”, deltaforce, demark, “DeMark Trendline Trader”, DeMark_Lines, Demark_trend_new, “DeMarker Pivots”, DeMarker%20Pivots, deomed, deomed_2, deomed_3, DepoCalc, DERETZV1, Destiny, DewaMabok_EA, “DFC High”, “DFC Next”, “DFC Next ЭкспеaименG”, “DFC Next1”, DFC%20Next1, diamond-power-t, “DIAMOND POWER TREND”, Diapazon, dict, dictipl, “DigFiltr(1)”, digistoch_versi_had, “Digital MACD”, “Digital PCCI filter”, Digital_CCI_Woodies, Digital_CCI_Woodies2, DigitalF-T01, Digits_comment, “Digits_comment(1)”, Din_fibo_high, “DiNapoli&Fibo”, DinapoliTargets, DinapoliTargetsAlerts_Log, “DinapoliTargetsAlerts_Log(1)”, Diver, Divergence, “Divergence System”, “Divergence Trader”, Divergence_Course, Divergence_System_Components, “DivergenceWiseman 1”, DivergenceWiseman_1, “DJ_Lines(1)”, “DLMv1[1].1”, “DLMv1[1].4-MQL4Contest.ex4”, “DLMv1[1].4-MQL4Contest.mq4”, DM, dmi, DMICE, DMICE.ex4, DMICE.mq4, dmvsysV4-contest,, DoGuEA_v33, doji_arrows, “doji_arrows expert”, “doji_arrows expert1”, DojiTrader, “DojiTrader fxid10t mod”, “DojiTrader fxid10t mod1”, “DojiTrader fxid10t mod2”, “DojiTrader fxid10t mod3”, “DojiTrader(23SEP05)”, DojiTrader_fxid10t_mod, DojiTrader1, DojiTrader2, “DOLLY#2(Metatrader)”, Dolly_2nd_Clone.rar,, “Donchain Channels”, “Donchain counter-channel system”, donchian-scalper-1.0, “Donchian Channels – Generalized version”, “Donchian Channels – Generalized version1”, Donchian%20Channels%20plus%20SD%20borders, DonchianChannel-mql-file, Dorian-Ash_v1.0, Doske_Trading, DOSR, Double_Play_v4.5, DoubleCCI-With_EMA, DoubleCCI_Woodies, DoubleMA_BreakOut_EA, DoubleMA_Crossover_EA, dp_Ch_2008_v_2, dp_chempionat, DPO, “DPO(1)”, Dr_Jekyll_And_Mr_Hyde_r8b, DRACULA.rar, DRACULA1.rar, DRACULA2092.rar, Dragonpips, dsm6, DT-RFTL, DT-RFTL%2823SEP05%29, “DT-RFTL(23SEP05)”, DT-RSI-EXP1, DT-RSI-EXP1.ex4, DT-RSI-EXP1.mq4, DT-RSI-Sig, “DT-RSI-Sig(1)”, DT-ZigZag, “DT-ZigZag-ATR(1)”, DT-ZigZag-Lauer, “DT-ZigZag(1)”, DT_MACrossEA, dt_martingale_s, DT_ZZ.ex4, DT_ZZ.mq4, DTM, DTS1-Build_814.1_B-test,, DUR, Dyn_tr, “DYNAMIC Breakout Daily Range_v10”, “Dynamic trend”, “Dynamic Zone RSI”, “Dynamic Zone RSI(01SEP05)”, “Dynamic Zone RSI1”, “Dynamic Zone RSI1(02SEP05)”, “Dynamic Zone RSI2”, Dynamic_Pivot_v3, DynamicZoneRSI, dynamite_TNT_forex_System, “Dynamo Stochastic”, Dynamo%20Stochastic, e-3-01, “e-5mSAR_v[1].0.2”, “e-ADX+SAR.log”, “e-ADX+SAR.mq4”, “e-book kuasaforex”, e-Daniella, e-Friday, “E-Glob авг-сент H1 депо 500$ лот0.1 sl 88$”, e-News-Lucky$, e-PassLevCCI-EMA, e-PassLevCCI-EMA1, e-PassLevCCI.ex4, e-PassLevCCI.mq4, e-Pivot-ice.log, e-Pivot-ice.mq4, e-Rainbow_12, e-TLE_v.1.6.ex4, e-TLE_v.1.6.mq4, e-Trailing, e-Trailing.ex4, e-Trailing.mq4, e-TurboFx.ex4, e-TurboFx.mq4, “e 3.0”, “e 3.02”, “e.2.11 5min GBPUSD”, “e.2.12 5min”, “e.2.13 5min Scalper”, “e.2.15 5 min scalper”, “e.2.16 5min Scalper”, “e.2.17 5min Scalper”, e.2.18, e.2.19, e.2.20, e.2.21, e.3.01, “e.3.01 10-Oct05”, “e.3.01 11Oct05”, “e.3.01 22 oct”, e.3.02, e.3.03, e.3.04, e.3.05a, e_3_03_001, e_Trailing, e1.3.01, e1.3.02, e1.3.03, e2.3.02, e3.3.02, E605,, “EA fapturbo”, “EA forex auto_pilot”, “EA Neuros Sharp Shooter 17209”, “EA ROBOT”, “EA Tangga”, ea_AdaptTS_v10_Ron, ea_AdaptTS_v10_Rona, EA_Banking_FX_Ultra_Euro_Usd_v2.8_U, EA_BankingFX-Di, EA_CEMPLON_LAGI, EA_championship_2007_Renggli_v02,, EA_Godzilla, EA_Greezly_2008_, EA_High-Profits_EUR-USD_2, EA_High_Profit_complex, EA_HP_EURUSD_v6.0, EA_misakas,,,, EA_Senyum_Sok_Mu, EA_SHARK_ULTIMATE,, ea_TrendFollower_v11_MT4, EA_Voltaren, EA11-Rebounce-Trader, EA12-Buy-Time, EA5-Bar-Trader-LT, EA7-Pivot-Champ, EA9-MST-Trader, EAcacusHedge_v1, easc, “EAsctrend using i_Trend”, “EASY Method”, Easy_iCustom_and_Alerts, Easy_Wealth_with_Forex_Trading, easydayea, EATangga-6-Real, eaTradeCloser_Ron_MT4_vrt, ebookKelasBelajarForex2ndedition, ECO, Edward-G, “EES V Speed v1.1”, EF_Star_EA3.1FullB_roco, eFXSI, eFXSI.ex4, eFXSI.mq4, eGideon, “EJ 4H Method”, “EJ_4H v1.0”, EJ_CandleTime, EJ_CandleTime_Blue, EJ_Pivot_DWM, EJ_Signal, EJ_Trend, el_forex_1_1, elder,, “elder(30AUG05)”, elder_183.ex4, elder_183.mq4, elder1,, EleMent_6.0, Elevated3_1_1.0, ElevenElliottWave-fb1, elliot, “Elliott Wave Oscillator”, “Elliott Wave Oscillator34”, “Elliott Wave Theory”, Elliott_Wave_Analizer, Elliott_Wave_Oscillator, ElliottWaveOscillator, EM12-21-89, EMA-CROSS, EMA-Crossover_Signal, “EMA-Crossover_Signal(1)”, “ema cross”, “ema cross1”, “EMA CROSSOVER SIGNAL”, ema%20cross%20bar, EMA%20CROSSOVER%20SIGNAL, EMA_5_10_34_Signal, “EMA_5_10_34_Signal(1)”, EMA_6_12, EMA_6_121, EMA_6_122, EMA_Angle, EMA_CROSS, EMA_CROSS_2, EMA_CROSS_2_RonModV7, EMA_CROSS_2_RonModV71, EMA_CROSS_2_RonModV7a, EMA_CROSS_2_RonModV7mini, EMA_CROSS_2Fresh, EMA_CROSS_2Fresh1, EMA_CROSS_2FreshRLH, EMA_CROSS_2tdavid, EMA_CROSS_CONTEST_HEDGED, EMA_CROSS_Derk_v01, EMA_CROSSmodv4.ex4, EMA_CROSSmodv4.mq4, EMA_levels, “EMA_levels(1)”, EMA_Pivot, EMA_Trend_Indicator, EMAAngle, “EMAAngle(1)”, EMAAngle.mq4, EMAAngleZero, “EMAAnglezeroalert for EJ_4h”, “EMAAngleZeroAlert(1)”, EMAAngleZeroDT, EMABands_v1, “EMABands_v1(1)”, email, EMAOsMA, EMAPredictive2, EMC, Emelja, Encyclopedia_of_Trading_Strategies, enLight_Average_Breakout, “enLight_Surfing 1.3”, Enterra_EA_3.1, Entry_Signal, Entry_Signal~, “Envelope 2.1”, “Envelope 2.11”, “Envelope 2.11(23SEP05)”, “Envelope 2.mq4”, “Envelope 21.11”, “Envelope 21.11(23SEP05)”, “Envelope 22.11”, “envelope alert”, “envelope alert v0.2”, Envelopes, Equity_v8, Ergodic, “Ergodic Oscillator”, “Ergodic Signals”, Ergodic%20Signals, “Ergodic(1)”, “Essential Elements of a Successful Forex Trader”, et4_3MA_v1.ex4, et4_3MA_v1.log, et4_3MA_v1.mq4, “EURbruht v1.0”, EUREKA_v7.0, “EUREKA_v7[1].1_Evolution for_0.01_lot”, EURO_FRACTAL_STRATEGY.pdf, EuroBull.ex4, EuroBull.mq4, EuroStrategies-fb1, eurox2mod, EuroXtream, EURUSD-M5-v1_2.ex4, EURUSD-M5-v1_2.mq4, eurusd_cross, Evolution_V_Final, EVWMA, ew1, EWA, ex4_to_mq4_224.1build, Excalibur_Eur_Usd_Daily_V3.5, Executer_AO.ex4, Executer_AO.mq4, Exit_Indicator, ExMassv2, exoticwave, “exoticwave(1)”, “Exp-Phantom v3.1”, “Exp – VirtualTradePad v5.1 Installl”, exp_iCustom_v7_2, exp_iCustom_v7_2_2, exp_Karakatica.ex4, exp_Karakatica.mq4, Exp_Sidus, expert, experts,, ExtraWPR, ExTrendv2, EYEOТ~ZA, “EZ Trade Forex”, FAMA, FAMAMrPip, “FAMAMrPip(1)”, “Fap Turbo v16 v23 v36”, Fapturbo_23,,, FAPWinner_Grid_Tader_5_Non_Expired, Farhad, “Farhad Hill Version 2”, “Farhad Hill Version 2.ex4”, “Farhad Hill Version 2.mq4”, Farhad1, Farhad3, Farhad3a, FarhadCrab-H1, FarhadCrab1, FarhadCrab1_showingequity, FarhadCrab1_showingequity_maxpos_SL_BACKTESTONLY, FarhadCrab2, FarhadHill, FarhadHill_V2, FarhadHill_V21, FarhadHill_V22, FarhadHill_V3, FarhadHill_V4, FarhadHill_V4.ex4, FarhadHill_V4.mq4, FarhadHill1, “FATL(1)”, FATL.mq4, “FATL.mq4 “, FATLs, “FBS CandleStick Patterns”, Feedback,, “FF Tunnel Chart”, “Fib Pivots”, “Fib Retracements”, Fib_Pivots_02, “Fib_Pivots_02(1)”, fibcalc, Fibo_Pivot_Lines_GMT, fibocalc, “fibocalc[1]”, fibocalc_V3, “fibocalc_V3(1)”, fibocalc_V31, “fibocalc_V31(1)”, fibocalc1, fibonacci_ebook, FiboPiv_v2, “FiboPiv_v2(1)”, FiboPivotandRSI, FiboRetracement3, “FiboRetracement3(1)”, FiboRetracement3D, FibProgression, “Filter overRSI”, Filter_AO, finbetting, “Find Data Holes”, fine-tuning-your-money-management, Finware, Firebird, “Firebird [i]”, “Firebird [i]1”, “Firebird HMA [i]”, “Firebird MC v058”, “Firebird MC v0581”, “Firebird MC v0582”, “Firebird MC v0583”, “Firebird v0.50”, “Firebird v0.50(26JUL05)”, “Firebird v0.51”, “Firebird v0.55”, “Firebird v0.56 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.57”, “Firebird v0.57 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.57(8AUG05)”, “Firebird v0.58 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.58 [ea]1”, “Firebird v0.58 [ea]2”, “Firebird v0.58 [ea]3”, “Firebird v0.60 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.60 [ea]1”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]1”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]2”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]3”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]4”, “Firebird v0.61.01 [ea]5”, “Firebird v0.62 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.63 [ea]”, “Firebird v0.63 [ea]1”, “Firebird v0.63_1.ex4”, “Firebird v0.63_1.mq4”, “Firebird v0.64”, “Firebird v0.65”, “Firebird v0_58_JD”, “Firebird v0_58_symbol_fix”, “Firebird v01.57”, “Firebird v060”, “Firebird v065-Fixed”, “Firebird v065tf”, “Firebird v63”, “Firebird v63 gbp & eur”, “Firebird v63 TVD”, “Firebird v63 TVD1”, “Firebird v63 TVD2”, “Firebird v63_A”, “Firebird v63_iFXAnalyzer_v01”, “Firebird v63_iFXAnalyzer_v03”, “Firebird v631”, “Firebird v632”, “Firebird v63B”, “Firebird v63B1”, “Firebird v63D”, “Firebird v63D1”, “Firebird v63E”, “Firebird v63E1”, “Firebird v63F”, “Firebird v63G”, “Firebird_ v057”, “Firebird_v0[1].60__ea_”, “Firebird_v0[1].60__ea_1”, Firebird_v63E_EURUSD, “Firestats v0.5”, “Firestats2 v0.10”, Fisher%20Transform, Fisher_exit, “Fisher_exit(1)”, Fisher_m11, Fisher_mbk, Fisher_org_v12, “Fisher_org_v12(1)”, Fisher_Yur4ik, Fisher_Yur4ik_2, Fisher_Yur4ik_Correct, Fisher_Yur4ikk, Fisherman, FitFul_13.ex4, FitFul_13.mq4, fjuchers, fl_101079_7771b1ed8f8bd1f303918447259f159e, fl_102696_24d5fbdc8f384cba1d601dc536e88198,, Flat, “Flat Trend”, “Flat Trend RSI”, “Flat Trend.mq4”, “Flat Trend.v1.0”, “Flat(1)”, FlatTrend, “FlatTrend SMC modified”, “FlatTrend V2”, “FlatTrend V21”, “FlatTrend V3”, “FlatTrend V31”, “FlatTrend w MACD”, FlatTrend%20SMC%20modified, FlatTrend%20V2, FlatTrend%20V31, FlatTrend_SMC_modified, “FlatTrend_SMC_modified(1)”, FlatTrend_w_MACD, “FlatTrend_w_MACD(1)”, FlatTrend1, Float, “Float(2)”, Float_01, fmwk, “FN Diver Osc”, “FN Signal”, FNCD, Follow-up.ex4, Follow-up.mq4, fond, Foolish_expert_by_name_Hamper_for_championship_2007, For_God, “Force Index”, ForceIndexEA.ex4, ForceIndexEA.mq4, Fore_Tren_Sca_V1.1, “forecast osc-30M”, forecast%20osc-30M, Forever3_Ilove_v3, Forex-eBook-Easy-Forex-, Forex-SuccessfulTrading, “Forex 1-2-3”, “Forex 241”, “Forex For Everyone”, “Forex Freeway”, “Forex Freeway_2”, “Forex Freeway_2-RSX”, “Forex Freeway_21”, “Forex Freeway_2colormod”, “Forex Killer”, “Forex Profit Monster System Version 3.0”, “Forex Scalping.pdf”, “Forex”, “Forex System Profit”, “Forex Trading Candlestick and Pattern 2”, “Forex Trading Candlestick and Pattern 1”, “Forex Trading Machine”, Forex%20Freeway_2, “Forex, EA, Expert Advisor, Indicator, Trading System, Strategies, , , Profit Robot”, Forex.CatFX50, “Forex_AI_AutoTrader_v2.1 + mq4”, FOREX_ASSASSIN, Forex_AutoCash,,,,, forex_breakout_system, Forex_Conquered_by_John_L_Person, “Forex_EA_Gepard 5.0”, Forex_expert, Forex_Ghost_Pile_Driver, 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ForexRobotTrader, ForexSignal30.rar, FOREXSS, ForexTester, ForexTrend_v2, ForexTSD_Calendar_V1.5,, fotest, “Fozzy Method”, FPTMT1.log, FPTMT1.mq4, Fractal, “Fractal Breakout Modified”, “Fractal Zig Zag”, “Fractal Zig Zag1”, “Fractal Zig Zag2”, “Fractal ZigZag”, “Fractal ZigZag Expert”,, Fractal_Zig_Zag, FractalAMA_MBK, “FractalAMA_MBK(1)”, FractalBest, “FractalBestAll(1)”, “FractalChannel(1)”, FractalChannel_v1, “FractalChannel_v1(1)”, Fractals, “Fractals_T(1)”, “Fractals+3”, “Fractals+Signal+diapazon”, “Fractals5-diapazon(1)”, Fractals5%2BSignal%2Bdiapazon, “Fractals5+Signal”, Fractals9, FractalVolOpt, “Fractured Fractals”,, Frank, “Franks 4hour limit orders”, “Franks 4hour limit orders1”, frankud, FrBestExp02_1_maloma_mod, FrBestExp02_2_maloma_mod, FrBestExp02_3_maloma_mod, FrBestExp02_4_maloma_mod, FrBestExp02_5_maloma_mod, FrBestExp02_6_maloma_mod, FrBestExp02_7_maloma_mod, Free_Forex_Signal,, “Freeway – All”, “Freeway – All1”, Freeway%20-%20All, Freeway%20-%20All1, “Fruity Pebbles 1.1”, “Fruity Pebbles 11.1”, FTLM, FTLM-STLM, FTLM_hist, FTLM_KG_hist, “FTLM_KG_hist(1)”, FTLM_STLM, “FTLM_STLM(1)”, Full_Bar_w_Spread_Shadow, “Full_Bar_w_Spread_Shadow(1)”, funtik, FuturesSymbols,, “FX Fish”, “FX Genius Robot”, “FX Sniper’s Chandelier”, “FX Sniper’s Ergodic_CCI”, “FX Sniper’s Ergodic_CCI_Trigger”, “FX Trading System Penyu Bertelur by Soros1”, FX%20Fish, FX%20Sniper%27s%20Ergodic_CCI, FX%20Sniper%27s%20Ergodic_CCI_BB, FX%20Sniper%27s%20Ergodic_CCI_Trigger, FX%20Sniper%27s%20T3%20CCI,, Fx_Chaos_Scalp_EA, FX_FISH, FX_FISH-mod, “FX_FISH-mod(1)”, “FX_FISH Mod”, “FX_FISH Mod1”, “FX_FISH Mod2”, “FX_FISH(1)”, “FX_FISH[1]”, “FX_FISH_2MA(1)”, FX_FISH_2MA.ex4, FX_FISH_2MA.mq4, FX_Freedom_Bar_xMODE7_MTF, FX_Pro_Plus_v2, FX10, FX10EA, FX10EA.ex4, FX10EA.mq4, Fx10Setup, “Fx10Setup(1)”, FXAnalyser_v6, FxBroBusV10, fxnews10beta, fxnewsbolttun, FXOE-Asctrend, FXOE-Combo, FXOE-ITrend, FXOE-ITrendHisto, FXOE-Juice, fxoe-lib, FXOE-LRSI, FXOE-SHIChannel, “FXOE-SHISlope(1)”, “FXOPEN AGREEMENT”, FxOverEasy, “Fxovereasy System”, FxOverEasy_EA,, FxSoni_System_forex, “FxWizard Levels”, G.P.Morgan_0.01, g_erdman, “GAMMA v122b”, Ganbah_tp10_sl22, Gann, Gann-1, “GannSwingsVIII(1)”, GannSwingsXVI, GannZigZag, “GannZigZag(1)”, “Gartley Reversal Auto”, “Gauss Minigun F”, “Gauss Minigun v07”, GBP9AM, GBPJPYTraderOri, GBPUSD_60_FATL, GBPUSD_60_SATL, GBPUSD_H1, Gem-xpMA, GentorCCI, GentorCCI1, GentorCCI2, Gepard, “Gepard 3.0 eng – mq4”,, Gepard_3.1nnn, Gepard_4.2, Gepard31.txt, “GEPARD31(complete version)”, “GEPARD31(limited)”, “GEPARD31переделаный-с изменением времени торговли.zip”, Gepard5.rar, German, “Get Rich or Die Trying Any GBP”, “Get Rich or Die Trying Any GBP1”, GimmeeBar, “GJ 3 serangkai”, Gladiator, GLAMtrader, “Gliding Channels Trader [CF] v1_1 beta.ex4”, “Gliding Channels Trader [CF] v1_1 beta.mq4”, “Gliding_Channels_[CF]_v2”, “GMMA Long”, “GMMA Short”, GMMA%20Long, GMMA%20Short, gmostradingzone1oc, GO, GODZILLA_, Golden_Trend_Manager, GoldenCross, 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“MA Cross 20”, “MA Cross 201”, “MA cross with take profit levels 4”, “MA dots”, “MA in Color”, “MA in Color_wAppliedPrice”, “ma of rsi”, MA%20in%20Color, MA%20in%20Color_wAppliedPrice, MA_ALERT, MA_BrkOut_H_v2, MA_Crossover_Alert, MA_Crossover_Alert3-34, MA_Crossover_Email_Alert, MA_Crossover_Email_Alert1, “MA_Crossover_Email_Alert1(1)”, MA_Crossover_expert_v1, MA_Crossover_expert_v11, MA_Crossover_Signal, “MA_Crossover_Signal[1]”, “MA_Crossover_Signal[1]1”, MA_Crossover_Signal_VoiceAlert, MA_Crossover_Signal_VoiceAlert1, MA_Crossover_Signal_With_wav, MA_Crossover_Signal1, MA_Crossover_Signal2, MA_Crossover_Signal3, MA_Crossover_Signal4, MA_Crossover_Signal5, MA_Crossover_SignalAlert, Ma_Distance_From_Price, MA_Reverse_EA, MA_Shift_Crossover_Alert, MA_TSI, MA2_Signal, ma5.csv, ma5.ex4, macceleration_eurusd_1, macceleration_exp_auto2, MACD, MACD-2, “MacD-2 line”, MACD-2_MTF, MACD-Alt, “MACD + osMA”, “MACD 5-34-5”, “MACD ASCTrend1sig Audible”, “MACD Custom”, “MACD Fix”, “MACD Hist”, 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profile”, “market profile1”, market_profile, Martengail-2Han, martin-profit-exper,, Martingail_breakdowning_0.9.4, Martingail_breakdowning_v1, martingeil1-51.ex4, martingeil1-51.mq4, Masterforex-Demo,, matunnel, MaxMinWPR-MM, MAXPIPS_2008, MBKAsctrend3times, MBKAsctrend3times1, mc, MDV, “Mechanical Discretion”, MechanicsTrade,, Median, “Medved QuoteTracker”, MegaDroid, MegaDroidPro_XE,, Merdekarama_v1.3.2, “Merkio Exp Ukis 2008”, “Merkio Exp Ukis 2008.mq4”,, metastock_to_csv, metod, MHGS_beta, Michelangelo, Michelangelo28nov05, mikahekin, mikahekin-v1.0, mikahekin-v1.1, mikko_bb_channels, MillionaireTraders, minachi101, MIndex, “MIndex(30AUG05)”, “miracle of dicipline”, Misakas_v1.3b, MizuTori, mj_ADXFilter_v1.0, MLPO, MMK-MM_1.09, MMK-MM_1.09_2, “MMTS 2.0”, MMTS_Expert, MMTS_Expert1, mmwpr, “mod con template”, “mod con template1”, “mod con template2”, mod_con_template, “Modelling Quality”, “Modify All”, Momentum, money-management1, “money 10”, “money 9”, Money_Management_Controlling_Risk_And_Capturing_Profits, MoneyRain, MoneyStream, Monstr, Morgan, “MoStAsHaR15 Pivot Expert”, “MoStAsHaR15 Pivot Expert(30AUG05)”, “Moutaki Method”, “Moving Average”, “Moving Average tp”, “Moving Average.ex4”, “Moving Average.mq4”, “Moving Average2”, “Moving Average3”, “Moving Averages”, “Moving Averages_onTF”, MovingAverage, “MP Overlay”, mqcodes, mql2, mqlcache,, MRO2, msvcr71, “MT Account Copier”, MT4-Cams-Pivots,, “mt4mm_v0[1].1_(rc_3)”, “MTF Center of Gravity”, “MTF HMA Russian Color”, “MTF indicators w”, MTF_Juice, MTF_MACD_inColor, MTFHAs, MTP_1.7, “mts corector”, “Multi-Lot Scalper”, Multi_Lot_Scalper, Multi_Lot_Scalper_A, Multi_Lot_Scalper_P_D1_JLY4.ex4, Multi_Lot_Scalper_P_D1_JLY4.mq4, Multi_Lot_Scalper_P_DAY_MT4, Multi_Lot_Scalper_Psars1, Multi_Lot_Scalper_PsarsV1, Multi_Lot_Scalper1, Multi_Lot_Scapler_P_DAY_JLY, Multi_Lot_Scapler_P_DAY_JLY1, Multi_Lot_Scapler_P_DAY_JLY2, Multi_Lot_Scapler_P_DAY_JLY3, Multi_Lot_Scapler_P_DAY_MT4, Multi_Lot_Scapler_P_DAY_MT41, Multi_Purpose_EA, “MultiBreakOut_v0[1].1.1”, “MultiBreakOut_v0[1].1.3a”, “MultiBreakOut_v0[1].1.mq4”, MultiEMA, MultiPairWPR,, Multiple_10_Points_X2_v1.76, Multiple_10_Points_X2_v1.76_2, MultipleMA, MultiplePivotsV2, Murray_Math, “Murrey Math Lines F”, “Murrey Math Lines F2”, “Murrey Math System”, Murrey_Math, Murrey_Math_Line_X_eng, Murrey_Math_Modified, Murrey_Math_Modified1, Murrey_Math_MT4_Period_VG, Murrey_Math_MT4_VG, Murrey_Math_MT4_VG_A, Murrey_Math_MT4_VG1, Murrey_Math_MT4_VG1b, Murrey_Math_MT4_VG1b1, Murrey_Math_MT4_VGb, mvspytrendpro, My_First_Adviser, my2007, MyFriend.ex4, MyFriend.mq4,, myMACD4ver2, MyProject, N.Fox, N7S_Expert_194694_202, nd1, nd1Sig, nd1Stop, nd1StopLine, nd2, nd2Sig, nd2Stop, nd2StopLine, Neuro_M, Neuro_Net, neurofilter1.0r, NEURON-SYSTEMSv2.4, NeuroProba, NeuroScalping, Neverhood, Nevod, NEW_folder,,, news, “News Traders Mt4 v01”, “News Trading”, News_AmazingEA_1.0.5, news_grabber, news_system, News_Traders_Mt4_v01, 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“Pivot Point Median”, “Pivot Points”, “Pivot Range”, “Pivot(23JUL05)”, Pivot_Backtest, pivot_trader__20070921, Pivot1, Pivot2, PivotCustom_4TimeFrames, PivotCustomTime, PivotCustomTime____, PivotDyna, PivotEMA3, PivotEMA3RLH, PivotEMA3RLHv2, PivotEMA3RLHv21, PivotEMA3RLHv3, PivotEMA3RLHv31, PivotEMA3RLHv4, PivotEMA3RLHv41, “PivotPoints – MT04 – Indicator”, Pivots, “Pivots By MoStAsHaR15”, “Pivots Custom”, “Pivots Daily”, “Pj-over RSI”,, “plan x”, Platinum_Fair_R9, Platinum_Fair_R9_2, PlatinumBestD1_05B, plaYmate_2., pluto, “PM & HF”, PMax_EA,, pollan, polyhedron, position_sizing, “Pouria Method”, Powerfx_Trade_Tool, PowerSwing, “Practical Fibonacci Method”, Pragma_Expert_v2.21, Pragma_Expert_v2.21_2, PrevDay-HiLo-kelvin, PrevDay_HiLo_kelvin, PrevDayAndFloatingPivot, “Price Channel”, “Price Channel2”, “Price Chennel”, Price_Distribution, PriceChannel_Stop_v1, PriceChannel_Stop_v6, PriceTrender, PriceTrender2, PriceTrenderChartTest, Priliv, Priliv_s, Primus_Silver-CRACKED, “priorities 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sanpundon, “SAR Trading v2.ex4”, “SAR Trading v2.mq4”, sar_color, SAR_RSI_1H, sashken.ex4, sashken.mq4, sashken2, SATL, SATLs, sb#MTF_MTEI_Supertrend_Histo, sb#MTF_MTEI_Supertrend_Histo1, sc#MTF_MTEI_Supertrend_On_Price, sc#MTF_MTEI_Supertrend_On_Price1, “scalper 2”, SCALPER.RU_Know_How_Technology, SCALPER.RU_Know_How_Technology_2, “Scalping System FX1”, “Schaff Trend”, “Schaff Trend Cycle”, SDL, “SDX- 8h”, SDX-TzBreaktout, SDX-TzPivots, SDX-TzPivots_mod, SDX-ZoneBreakout, SDX-ZoneBreakout-Lud-Z1-v2, SDX-ZoneBreakout-Lud-Z1-v21, SDX-ZoneBreakout-Lud-Z2, SDX-ZoneBreakout-Lud-Z2-v2, SDX-ZoneBreakout-Lud-Z2-v21, SDX-ZoneBreakout2, SDX__8h, secret_report_Forex_automoney, Sekuntil_Stokastic_S3_System2009, SelfAdjustRSI_v1, SemiLong.ex4, SemiLong.mq4,,, Send_Pending_Order, sereganlp2008, serg_martini2, Sergey_0.2, “Session breakout v0.20 [ea]”, “Session breakout v0.25”, “Session breakout v0.26”, “Session breakout v01.26”, “Session breakout v01_mbk”, “Sexy Stochastic”, “Shade NY 07 _13 GMT”, ShadeNY, ShadeNY_v5, ShadeNY1, Shadows_v1.1, Shark_5_ultimate_full, Shark_5_ultimate_full_2, SHE_Fire_Bird_v5.3, SHE_kanskigor.ex4, SHE_kanskigor.mq4, “SHI Channel”, “SHI Channel11”, “SHI Channel11-#mt”, “Shi Channels”, SHI_Channel, SHI_Channel_Colour_Talk, shi_channel_talking, shi_channel_talking1, SHI_Channel_true, SHI_Mod, SHI_Mod_vLine, SHI_SilverTrendColourBars, SHI_SilverTrendColourBars1, SHI_SilverTrendSig, SHI_SilverTrendSig1,, Short_Term_Forex, “Sidus Method v2”, sidus_v.2, “signal keris”,, Silicon_Ambitio, Silver-channels, “Silver-channels+”,, “SilverMACD+”, SilverTrend, SilverTrend_Signal, “SilverTrend_Signal With Alert v3”, “SilverTrend_Signal With Alert v3(28JUL05)”, SilverTrend_Signal1, SilverTrendExpert_V2a, SilverTrendSignal, SilverTrendTrader, “SilverTrendTrader(xyz)”, SilverTrendTrader_v3, SilverTrendTrader_v3_JTPO, SilverTrendTrader_v3_JTPO1, SilverTrendTrader_v4, SilverTrendTrader_v4_JTPO, SilverTrendTrader_v5, SilverTrendTrader_v6, SilverTrendTrader_v7, SilverTrendV3, simple-macd-EA, “Simple Scalping 5min”, simple_forex_solution, SimplePivot, sinTrend, six_ind_v31, sixperiod_v31, skdon.ex4, skdon.mq4, SketchyStoploss, SKIV_Trader, SKIV_TraderАO, SKIV_TraderАС, Sky_Dart_v4, SkyForex_v.1, SlopeTradeADX_v, SMA-Crossover_Signal, Smart_Ingsun, SMC, SMC-1, “SMC Autotrader Momentum.ex4”, “SMC Autotrader Momentum.mq4”, “SMC eur usd”, “SMC eur usd(26AUG05)”, “SMC eur usd(28AUG05)”, “SMC eur usd1”, “SMC eur usd1(26AUG05)”, “SMC eur usd2”, “SMC HiLo v1.1”, “SMC HiLo v1.mq4”, “SMC HiLo v11.1”, “SMC HiLo v11.mq4”, “SMC MA”, “SMC MA 3BAR”, “SMC MA Cross”, “SMC MA xover”, “SMC MACD new idea”, “SMC Manual EA”, “SMC Manual EA limit and_or stop order”, “SMC Manual EA with seperation”, “SMC Manual Trading v1”, “SMC Skeleton v3”, “SMC Trader 2 MAs 12 26 EMA Basic”, “SMC Trader 2 MAs 5 20 EMA”, “SMC Trader 2 MAs 5 20 EMA1”, “SMC Trader Aroon V1.3”, “SMC Trader Camel CCI MACD”, “SMC Trader Camel CCI MACD -ron02”, “SMC Trader Camel CCI MACD1”, “SMC Trader Kurt”, “SMC Trader Kurt v2”, “SMC Trader Kurt v2(26AUG05)”, “SMC Trader Kurt v21”, “SMC Trader Kurt1”, “SMC Trader Kurt2”, “SMC Trader MACD v1.0”, “SMC Trader Manual”, “SMC Trader Manual1”, “SMC Trader Skeleton v2”, “SMC Trader Skeleton v2(07SEP05)”, “SMC Trader TriggerLines V2.1”, “SMC USD JPY cci test”, SMC_Shell, “SMC_Trader_TriggerLines_V2[1].1”, SMC1, SMC2, SMC3, SMI, SMMA-Crossover_Signal, “SmoothCandle C v1.00”, “SmoothCandle S v1.00”, SmPriceBend-T01, SMSalert, SnakeForce, SnakeStopLevels,, SnapShotEA, SnapShotEA1, SnapShotI,,, Sniperfox, “sokol”, solagracia, “Solar Wind”, Something, sovet, Spider_3L_v08, spoutnik, Spread,, “Spud MTF Stochastic”, “Squeeze Straddle”, “sr limit”, “SRDC Method”, SSL_channel_chart_alert, “st+L+2stor-V2(1).ex4”, “st+L+2stor-V2(1).mq4”, “Standard Deviation Channels”, Standard_Deviation_Channels, “Standart Pivot Lines”, “STARC Bands”, “STARC Bands1”, starter, starter.ex4, starter.mq4, Starter_v4_Ganja-Man_Settings, Starter_v4_mod_1, Starter_v4mod, Starter_v4modV2, Starter_v4modV21, Starter_v6, Starter_v6_fukis_secial_secret_over_mega_gaining_version, starter_v6mod.ex4, starter_v6mod.mq4, starter_v6mod_e, Starter_With_No_Indicators, Stealth, Stealth_Forex_V10, Steinitz_HAS_MT,, steinitzHASMTF, Step, StepChoppy_v1, “StepChoppy_v1[1].2”, “StepChoppy_v1[1].2a”, “StepChoppy_v1[1].3”, “StepChoppy_v1[1][1].2”, StepChoppyBars_v1, “StepChoppyBars_v1[1].1”, StepMA_3D_v1, StepMA_Color_v2, StepMA_Stoch_v1, StepMA_v1, StepMA_v2, StepMA_v3, StepMA_v7, StepMA_v7a, StepRSI_v2, StepRSI_v5.2, “StepRSI_v5[1].2”, StepSto_v1, STI4_0_3, “Stitch V2.1”, STLM_FTLM_Trade, STLM_hist, STLM2, STLMs, StocasticsOnPriceChart, StocasticsOnPriceChart1, StocasticsOnPriceChartExtreme, “stoch power EA_5g”, Stoch.ex4, Stoch.mq4, Stoch_Alert_v1, STOCHALERT, Stochastic, “Stochastic RSI”, Stochastic1.ex4, Stochastic1.mq4, StochasticDiNapoli_v1, stochRSI, Stochy.MQ4, “StocRSI 2”, “Stop reversal”, Stop_reversal, Stop_reversal_bluestops, Stop_reversal_mod, Stop_reversal_mod1, stopreversal, StopReversalwithAlert, STOx.ex4, STOx.mq4, “Straddle&Trail”, “Straddler Handler”, StrangeIndicator, Strategy_2009, Strategy10, StrategyTester, StrategyTester1, Stratoblaster, StratoTriggerlines, StreetSmartForex,, Study_Book_for_Successful_Foreign_Exchange_Dealing, suffic369, suffic369.ex4, suffic369.mq4, suffic369_EUR_M15, SunTzu, Sup-Res, super-signals_v1, “super-signals_v2a[2]”, Super_Hedging_v1.67, Super_Trend, SuperExpertv3, “Supernova Method”, “SuperSR 6”, SuperSR7, Supertrend, “Supertrend Audible Alert”, SuperTrend_3, Supertrend1, SuperWoodieCCI, SuperWoodieCCI1, SuperWoodieCCI2, SuperWoodieCCI3, “supper turbo (2)”, supply_demand, “Support and Resistance”, “Support and Resistance (Barry)”, “Support Resistance”, Support_and_Resistance, Support_and_Resistance_FOREX, Support_Resistance, Sure-Fire, surefirething, Surfing, Suv2, Swaper_1.1.ex4, Swaper_1.1.mq4, SweatSpot_3, SweatSpot_31, SweatSpot_32, Sweet_Spot_Extreme, Swing_Point, SwingTrading,, T3, “T3 -Trix”, “T3 Bands.mq4 “, “T3 Bands[1].mq4 “, “T3 CCI”, “T3 MACO”, “T3 RSI”, “T3 Taotra”, “T3 TRIX (ROC of T6)”, “T3 TRIX (ROC of T6)1”, T3.mq4, T3_2, T3_22, T3_3Lines, “t3_adx_+di_-di_burst”, t3_Aroon_Horn, t3_Aroon_Horn_Osc, T3_Bands, T3_DPO-v1, T3_DPO-v1_2, T3_iAnchMom, T3_iAnchMom_hist, T3_iAnchMom_hst, T3_iAnchMom2, T3_MACO, t3_Moving_Volume_Average, T3_RSI, T3_Taotra, T3_TCF, T3_TRIX, T3MA, “TAACH Видео”, Taf, “Take Profit”, “Take The Money and Run”, “TakeProfit EA HiLoTradeAway”, Target_Profit, “TD Sequential”, TD_Carrie, TD_DEMARK_v2, TD_DRP, “TD_Points&Line_mgtd1”, TD_REI, TD_REI_v2, TD_Sequential, TDI, TDI-2, “TDpoints&lines”, TDTLModifiedBR, TDTLModifiedBR1, “TEB System”, “Technical_analysis_&_options_strategies_by_K.H._Shaleen”, TechnicalMarketIndicators, TecnixindoBot_v2009.03, “Teknik Analisa Forex”, “Teknikal Analisis 2”, “teknikal analisis 3”, Telescop, “Tengri 1.4”, TENGRI_1.4.×1.mq4, “Teori EW dan Fibo”, “Terminator v2.03 Complete”, Terminator_v2.0, TEST, “test last 100”, test_5close_up, test_volume, test11_v4, test11_v7, Test2, Test21, Test22, Test2guns, TestWilliam36HistogramWalert, TFX_v1_8, “The 20’s”, “The 20’s [ea]”, “The 20’s Indicator [i]”, “The 20’s v0.30 [ea]”, “The 20’s1”, “The 8and8 method e-book”, “The Outsider Method”, “The Reversal Bar”, “The Ultimate Currency Trading”, the_interaction_between_the_frequency_of_market_quotes_, , spread_and_volatility_in_Forex, The_Sharpe_Ratio, The_Truth_About_Money_Management, The_Wizard, “Three Day Rolling Pivot”, “Three Line Break”, Three_Color,,, Tick_on_Chart, “Ticker MACD”, TIME_FRAME, time1, TimeBreakExpert_v2, “Tlatomi method”, TMA,, “Today Trend”, “Today Trend last”, “Today Trend_ruduga”, “Tom Demark System”, TOProfit_v.1.4.2, TOProfit_v1.4.2__Demo_, “ToR_(4 версии с описанием на английском)”, torg_haos, Tpaylihg, Tpaylihg_close, Tracert, trade_error,, TradeAnyMarket, TradeChannel, tradechannel2_638_1.ex4, tradechannel2_638_1.mq4, “trader’s_secret_code”, Trader_Fx_v2, Trader_new, Trader_new.ex4, Trader_Note,, “TradeStarTrend[EA]”, “TradeStarTrend[EA]v1.2”, “Trading Hours”, “Trading Session vLines”, Trading__Forex_Amazing_Forex_System, Trading_Doc__Market_Cycles___Fibonacci__Gann__Elliott__, , Benner_Cycles___Financial_Astrology___Philip_Rio, Trading_Forex__The_Forex_Profit_System, Trading_Profit_Booster, TradingHours, “Trailing Stop 5”, “Trailing Stop v_tdavid”, “Trailing Stop v_tdavid1”, TrailingStop-Sedov_v3, TrailMe, TrailMe1, TralingStop_v3, Trend, “Trend Bands”, “Trend Follower System”, “Trend SMC v2”, “Trend Trigger (Bars)”, “Trend Trigger Modified”, “Trend Trigger Modified(6AUG05)”, “Trend(23SEP05)”, Trend_CF, Trend_Determination,, Trend_Rider_v3, TREND_RIDER3,, trend_traffic, Trend1, TrendAndDiver, TrendCapture.ex4, TrendCapture.mq4,, TrendContinuation, TrendContinuation1, TrendContinuation2, TrendEnvelopes_v2, TrendEnvelopes_v2_2, TrendEnvelopes_v2_3, TrendForecasting,,, trendline, “Trendline Trader”, “Trendline Trader1”, “Trendline Trader2”, trendline.mq4, Trendline.Trader, TrendlineOrder, TrendManager, TrendManagerOpen2, “TrendManagerOpen2 seperate window”, “TrendManagerOpen2 seperate window1”, “TrendManagerOpen2 seperate window2”, TrendPower, TrendScalper_GTR_beta, TrendScalper_TR, “TrendScalper_TR(30AUG05)”, TrendScalper_TR_beta, “TrendScalper_TR_beta(26JUL05)”, “TrendScalper_TR_beta(6AUG05)”, TrendScalper_TR_beta6, TrendScalper_TR_loosetest, “TrendScalper_TR_loosetest(26JUL05)”, TrendScalper_TR1.ex4, TrendScalper_TR1.mq4, TrendScalpIndc_PP, TrendscalpIndic, Trendsignal, TrendstrenghtEMA, TrendStrengthTrio, trendstuffer, “TrendStuffer_4.01 –”, TrendTriggerMod, “Triad final work”, Triangular_Arbitrage, Triangular_Price,, TriangularMA, triangulatMA, “Trigger Line “, Triggerlines, Triggerlines1, Triggerlines2, TriggerLinesAlert, TripleMA_Crossover_EA, TripleMA_Crossover_EA1, TripleMA_Crossover_expert, TripleMA_Crossover_expert1, TripleMA_Crossover_expert2, TrixEA, “Tro S & R MP”, “True Scalper V11 Sergey”, “True Scalper v4”, TRUE_SCALPER_V11b, “TRUE_SCALPER_V11b(23SEP05)”, TRUE_SCALPER_V11c, TRUE_SCALPER_V11e, TrueBald, TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v02a, “TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v02a TS”, TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v02a1, TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v04, “TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v04(08SEP05)”, TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v041, TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v11, “TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v11(23SEP05)”, TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v111, “TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v111(23SEP05)”, TrueScalper_Ron_MT4_v112, TrueScalper_Ron_Ruby_MT4_v11, TrueScalper_Ron_Ruby_MT4_v11_step1, TrueScalper_Ron_Ruby_MT4_v111, TrueScalper_Ron_Ruby_MT4_v112, TrueScalper_v49c_Ron_MT4, TrueScalper_v49c_Ron_MT41, TrueScalper_v49h_Ron_MT4, TrueScalper_v49h_Ron_MT41, TrueScalper_v49h_Ron_MT42, TrueScalper_v49L_Ron_MT4, TrueScalper_v49P_Ron_MT4, TrueScalper_v49P_Ron_MT41, TrueScalperProfitLock, TrueScalperV11-1.1, TrueScalperV11-1.11, TrueScalperV11B, TrueScalpperV11, TrueScalpperV11-1.1, TrueScalpperV11-1.mq4, “TrueScalpperV11-1[1].1”, “TrueScalpperV11(23SEP05)”, TrueScalpperV111, TrueScalpperV112, TrueScalpperV113, TrueScalpperV114, TrueScalpperV115, TrueScalpperV12, TrueScalpperV121, Try, TSATR_NRTR, TSD-24-8-05, “TSD-MT4- V1”, “TSD-MT4- V1b”, “TSD-MT4- V1c”, “TSD-MT4 instructions”, “TSD-MT4 instructions(01SEP05)”, “TSD-MT4 instructions(12SEP05)”, “TSD-MT4instructions[1]”, “TSD-TR MultiPairs 18526”, TSD-TR_0.2, TSD-TR_0.2-currentweekly, TSD-TR_0.2-Force, TSD-TR_0.2-GBP, TSD-TR_0.2-MACD, TSD-TR_0.2-midweekplus, TSD-TR_0.2-midweekswitch, TSD-TR_0.2-midweekswitch1, TSD-TR_0.2-OsMArolling, TSD-TR_0.2-WPRstrict-midweekswitch, TSD-TR_0.3-midweekswitch, TSD-v11-MT4-JB-MACD, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-MACD(27JUL05)”, TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA beta 0.3”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA beta 0.3(23SEP05)”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA Daily”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA Jan 4 hour”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA(13AUG05)”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA(2)”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA(23SEP05)”, “TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA(30JUL05)”, TSD-v11-MT4-JB-OsMA1, TSD-v12-MT4-EF-MACD, TSD-v12-MT4-JB-MACD, TSD-v1x-MT4-HDB-v10, TSD-v1x-MT4-HDEB-v10, “TSD – Looking after TSD”, “TSD D1 4Majors”, “TSD description”, “TSD H4 4Majors”, “TSD MT4 MR Trade 0 36”, “TSD Notes”, “TSD Notes(05SEP05)”, “TSD Notes(28AUG05)”, “TSD Notes1”, “TSD OsMA fxid10t mod”, “TSD v.32 IBFX mini”, “TSD v.34 1hr trade”, “TSD v.34 IBFX mini”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p.1”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p.2”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p.3”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p1.1”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p1.2”, “TSD v1 vs v2 p1.3”, “TSD v1.1”, “TSD v1.1 MT3”, “TSD v1.2 MT3”, “TSD(x)”, tsd.doc, TSD.mq4, TSD_4hr, tsd_description, TSD_MT4_MR, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_10, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_101, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_102, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_11, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_12, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_13, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_14, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_15, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_20, “TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_20(23JUL05)”, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_20_c, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_201, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_21, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_21_c01, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_211, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_22, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_23, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_24, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_25, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_30, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_31, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_32, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_33, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_34, “TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_34(08SEP05)”, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_34b, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_36, “TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_36 23jan06 Mindaugas”, TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_361, TSD_PP_MACD_FORCE_Ind_v1, TSD_PP_MACD_FORCE_Ind_v11, “TSD_TR_0[1].2_midweekplus”, “TSD_TR_0[1].2_midweekplustrailtoprice”, “TSD_TR_0[1].2_midweekswitch”, “TSD_TR_01 2_midweekswitch”, TSD_V1_1_MT3_OSMA_Force_MM_V1_1, TSD_v11_MT4_JB_OsMA_Daily, TSDxx, TSequential, TSI, TSI-Osc, “TSI-Osc(4AUG05)”, “TSI Signals”, TSR, TTF, “TTF – trigger factor”, “TTF(3AUG05)”, “TTF(4AUG05)”, “TTF(6AUG05)”, TTF_hist, TTF_look-ahead, TTF_TR, “TTF+-+MW”, TTM, ttm-trend, ttm-trend-2, tttttt, tunnel, “Tunnel Method_Indicators”, “Tunnel Method1”, TunnelMethod, Turbo_Robot1.1, Turbo_Robot1.1.ex4, Turbo_Robot1.1.mq4, TurningPointBox, “Turtle Trading System”, “Uchebnik Trader”, UDP, ultimate-guide-phoenix-v2, “Ultitimate Oscillator”, Ultitimate_Oscillator, “Ultra Wizard 2008”, UmnickTrader_1.01.01, UniversalMACrossEA, “Up&Down”, Up_Down, up_down_alert, Up_Down1, up3x1, up3x1_Krohabor_D.ex4, up3x1_Krohabor_D.mq4, ur, UROVNI-MT4, “UROVNI-MT4(27JUL05)”, Usd_Cad_Terminator_Demo, USD_Hunter_EA, “V-T&B”, “V-T&B1”, “V-T&Bv6”, V.I.P._v.45, “VanessaFX Advanced System”, “Var Mov Avg”, “VarMovAvg V001”, “VarMovAvg V0011”, Vector, Vegas, “Vegas Currency”, “Vegas Currency Daily”, “Vegas Tunnel”, “Vegas[1]”, Vegas1HR, Velocity,, “Vertical Line”, vHistory, VininI, “VIP Signals ru _408789_ 01.”, vlado, VM_barmix_v1.7.2_n_2.0, VM_DU_HAST_v2.0_M30_EURUSD, Vnutrednevnaya, “vol adx and t3 rsi”, “Volatility Stop”, Volatility.Pivot, VoltyChoppy_v1, Volume, “volume trader (redux)”, “volume trader (redux)1”, “volume trader (redux)11”, “Volume with custom MA”, Volume_trader_v2, Volume1, volumeMA,, VQ,, VSI, VTB, vTerminal, VTS_VG_TS, VTS_VG_TS_setka, VWB, Waddah, Waddah_Attar_Explosion,, WaitToTrade, “warrior trader007”, “Waterfall [i]”, WB206port, WCCI, WCCI1, WCCI2, WcciChart, 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Xprofuter, xpVolume, XtremeEURGBP,, Your_Lucky_EURGBP_v2b,, Z-Z1, “Z-Z1 LA Best Alert Next Bar-m15”,, “ZeroLag MACD”, “ZeroLagEA-AIP v0.0.4”, ZeroLagStoch, Zerolagstochs, Zerolagstochs_B, ZeroLagStochsSignals,, Zig_Zag_Breakout, Zig_Zag_Breakout1, ZigAndZag, ZigZag, “ZigZag Pointer”, “ZigZag Trendlines”, “ZigZag(11AUG05)”, ZigZag.ex4, ZigZag.mq4, ZigZag_Fibo_v1beta, ZigZag_Fibo_v2beta, ZigZag_Separate, ZigZag1, ZigZagE, ZigZagFirst,, Zink_Killer, Zmei_trader, Zoomer_Pro, ZUP_v14, “ZZ MTF XO A”, “ZZ 4 TF XO”, “ZZ MTF XO A”, “ZZ SR TL”, “ZZ SR TL Indicator.rar